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    PE3: Hangs when starting to burn DVD


      When burning DVD, at the final stage, after encoding successfully, consistently fails to start to burn. Unable to stop by " Cancel" Have to "end task". When hanging, CPU is spending 50% running PE3.Opening and closing DVD drawer to possibly raise an interrupt didn't help.

      I have searched extensively the various help areas and I think I have done all I can. See below. This is a third of a video which is a mixture of slides and short video clips. The other two work fine. They are all about the same length ( 20 mins). The video is fully rendered.

      Dual core 3G cpu
      3G Ram
      Cleaned up and just defragged C drive, 50% of 160G free, and 50% of 0.5Tb external hard drive.
      All software up to date
      No other activity at all on system
      Tried straight after system restart

      I am aware I could use the AVI route bur when I did this I didn't get the initial menu screen.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          This sounds like another case of your DVD burning software (Nero is famous for this) not being willing to share your burner with other software.

          In that case, the simplest solution is to select the option to burn to a folder on your hard drive instead of directly to a disc and then using your burner software to create your disc.
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            (Chris_D_Pick) Level 1

            Thanks for quick reply.

            Unfortunately I don't think this is the problem as I don't have Nero and I don't think my Sonic burns DVDs. I think the last time I tried it asked me to pay money to upgrade to get this. There may be a Microsoft program lurking unbeknown to me. If so, unless I have STARTED it or an OPEN WITH pops up, would it interfere?

            Also I have successfully made two other DVDs at the same time, of very similar size and content. I did have a lot of problems rendering this one initially because of " unmerged layers", as with the others but its all clean and stable now.

            I have made this one successfully the FOLDER route but don't seem to get the initial Menu and I would like to make it " properly"!!

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              There's no reason you shouldn't get the menu system and the entire VIDEO_TS structure for a DVD when you burn to a folder, Chris.

              Are you doing everything you would do to burn a DVD except, at the Share/Disc option, selecting Folder from the destination drop-down menu?
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                (Chris_D_Pick) Level 1

                Thanks again.

                I checked and when I made it before, it was by "Export movie" route to folder as AVI and then reimporting that to Timeline in a new project,which I found somewhere in Help. That route missed off the Menu.But it did work otherwise.If all else fails I will have to stick at that .

                BUT this morning I tried the Burn to Folder option in Burn DVD window(not quite same dialogue as you said) This also hung after about half the time, having done the encoding Ok. Again no error, and couldn't "Cancel" had to end task. And again 50% CPU to Adobe.Looked identical to when trying to do direct to DVD.

                Also when it hung trying to burn directly, the DVD was " being used by PE" as I checked by trying to do things to it from Control panel( format)

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  You lost me, Chris. I can't tell what's going on. It could be related to your source files, the room on your hard drive, an out of date driver or even something buggy in your project.

                  The best thing to do is work through these troubleshooting steps.

                  If you'll report your results for each step in as much detail as possible we'll be better able to diagnose your problem and recommend solutions.
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                    (Chris_D_Pick) Level 1

                    Thanks. I will check out the link, but otherwise give up as I have a work around. As an ex computer person I always believe things are fixable and I like to fix things,but it can sometimes take too much time. I tend to think like you its something in the project as I had a lot of problems rendering this due to unmerged layers, which won't happen again.Shame once the burning starts you cannot see were it gots to, to see what its waiting for. Its certainlynot RAM, disc or CPU!! So thanks and we will leave it there.