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    PLEASE!!!  Need help with exporting to MinDV

      I am trying to export to tape from Premiere Elements 3, an 11-minute movie I've created, to my Panasonic MiniDV camera and I am having no luck. I am running through a ADS Pyro AV Link box. Could that be why I am not getting any camera control. I've gone to Edit/Preferences/Device Control/ options and selected Panansonic, but it does not have the option for my camera's model number, the PV-GS300. It does say it's detected the device.

      I'd like to try to bypass the Pyro box but the cable running from the computer's video card to the Pyro box has connectors that are bigger than the firewire connector that runs into the camera. Is there any adapter you can get that downsizes the bigger connector to the firewire size?

      This is driving me nuts. PLEASE help!!!