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    Worst program EVER!

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      Frustrating! It takes 20 minutes or so to navigate the pop-ups and site re-directions to find what you need here (and I'm still not sure I have)...Premiere Elements 7.0 has to be the WORSE video editing program I've ever used. You would think that with the large development group Adobe had working on it that they could release a product that was ready to use and bug free. Why would they release a product with "known issues" all fixable with a little time and effort. Well we all know why...There are many companies who wait until there product has made it through BETA before releasing it...so yes...it can be done. I like many, have been using Photoshop for years and love it. It's the greatest! But for video editing...leave it to someone else. I recently bought PE 7.0 and CONSTANTLY get error/PE 7.0 has encountered a problem and must close etc. Not to mention that when I click on the text tool or try to get a file it will randomly crash to the desktop. Interface does not work properly either. And yes, my comp can handle it. I've been using Photoshop, Corel Paint, 3dsMAX etc for years with no problems...frustrating!
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          No problems here.... :)
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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
            Not even a hiccup here. Not willing to consider it could be something at your end? Oh well.

            Sorry we couldn't help you. Not that you want help.

            BTW, have you thought about contacting Adobe with your issues instead of just screaming at us non-paid volunteers who are here to because we want to help people out?
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              (Patricia_S_Weaver) Level 1
              Could be a chair/PC interface problem.
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                Nicely put, Patricia. ;)
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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Spending a lot of time with most Adobe products, the first problem that I see is Assets. The user is trying to use Assets that are not right for the program. This is probably 60% of the errors. Next, comes hardware, which comprises probably 30% of the errors encountered. Then, comes OE, which accounts for about 9%. Finally, come the real Bugs, for the remainder. These are just general averages and will be slightly different, depending on the exact program.

                  Now, since none of us works for Adobe, and hence cannot address the Bugs directly (Bug reports can, but they need to be filed with Adobe separately - Adobe does not have a presence in these fora, they only furnish us with server space), we can only help with specific problems.

                  I'd suggest that you take one of your problem Projects (pick the one giving you the most trouble) and completely outline it with as much detail, as you can. See this link for the type and detail, that I am referring to:

                  Then, perhaps we can help you address your problems and get you into that "happy place," where you are editing, and not troubleshooting. If there are Bugs, that you are encountering, we'll help you file the necessary reports with Adobe. That is what these fora do best, as they are user-to-user only, but are populated with a lot of knowledgable and helpful people. Give us a crack at your problems, and maybe we can make them go away.

                  BTW, Steve Grisetti has a wonderful book on PE7 (plus one for PE2 that still has some very useful info, regardless of version #), that will likely get you up to speed and answer most questions. Well worth the $.

                  Good luck,