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    Noo audio in Windows media Player when playing video exported in Mpeg format

      Hi there, I really need help

      I have edited a video and removed the audio.
      I have added a song in the soundtrack part of the timeline.
      When I 'share' as an 'mpeg' it renders etc perfectly.
      When I play it on my comp it plays perfectly - In premiere and WMP

      But If I put the file onto a usb or something similar and try to play it on another computer there is no audio.

      I have premiere elements 7
      I have windows vista Premium.

      The computer I am trying to play it on has XP home edition 2002 and Windows media player 10.

      The video is for a friend to put on their website, and chances are the audio wont appear on their computer either? I dont have internet on my comp so I havent tried uploading to youtube, so I don't know about that either, I would like youtube to recognise my audio also.

      SO What I want is to be able to make a video, with audio that pretty much anyone can watch on any computer.

      Please help.