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    Premiere Elements 7- HD video editing problems!

      I have recently bought a Insignia® - 5.0MP High-Definition Digital Camcorder with 3" Swivel LCD Screen camera. This camera shots in HD. Well, after importing the videos onto Element 7 the videos do not play correctly. The videos do not play in the playback screen or the timeline. The videos get frozen at a screen two or three frames into the clip, but the audio continues to play. However, it should be noted that every now and then the movies will playback in the playback screen and this is only sometimes. Also, i have put videos onto the timeline and then rendered them and that did play the movies perfectly, but this has only happened once because every time i have tried the same process it does not work. I have a intel core 2 duo processor and i just dont know why its not working. Obviosouly this is making me mad because I have all these videos that i cannot edit, and any help would be appreciated.