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    Safe Margin Pixel Dimensions

    Pete Kingwell
      Hello again, and Thank you for helping me!

      I have been sent an image to use in a project that is sized 720 X 576 (for Pal standard) and it fits the entire PE screen perfectly.

      The image is of a Painting + Frame, with a wallpaper background around the top, bottom and sides of the painting.
      Since the PAINTING is in Portrait orientation, and the ENTIRE image (inc its wallpaper background) is 720x576, the actual Painting+Frame are outside of the two Safe Margins...

      Does anyone have the pixel dimensions as to what is within these Safe Margins..?
      That way, the whole image can still be 720x576 but the Painting+Frame can be re-sized (it's all 2D created) to fit inside the Safe Margins.

      I hope you understand what I am trying to say!

      As always, Thank YOU for all your advice.