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    Adobe Premiere Elements 4 - Rendering Problem

      If I create small slide shows in Photoshop Elements 6 (ranging from 59 - 125 JPEG Still Shots with captions and/or added text)I can then send each slide show separately into Premiere Elements 4, make further adjustments and add title pages, I can then render and save as a project.
      If I take several of these slide shows as a block and send them to Premiere Elements 4, I get a Premiere Elements window stating "Adobe Premiere Elements is running very low on system memory, please save your project and proceed with caution". So I click OK and save. I then go to render, after 2-4% rendering I get a video Preview Error window with various warnings including, "Out of Memory - Unknown Error" or "Disc write error:- verify drive connections, available disc space and disc access privileges. Then save close and relaunch project".
      If I open a slide show project in Premiere Elements 4 and try to add a second slide show to it via the get media button - in the Add Media window I get Look in 4.0 and five folders appear (no icons for projects) I can then look in files of type and there is no listing for .prel files so tried "all files" and the icons for the slide shows appear. I then select a second slide show to add to the first and click open. I now get an Add Media Failure window which gives file addresses and the error reads "File format not supported/ one of the necessary components may not have been installed".
      I have run the installation disc again to repair any installation errors but to no avail.
      My computer is an Intel core 2 duo 3.16 GHz on an Asus P5Q P45M M/board with Gigabyte GF9600GT Graphics card.750GB HDD & 4GB Ram.
      Hope somebody can help.
      Bob Smith.