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    Premier Elements 7 aspect ratio problem, XP

      I bought this program from a famous online store in UK and when I installed it I was unable to change the aspect ratio for my production. I got in touch with the trader who said they could not help me with this and gave me my money back, without asking for the disc back. I got in touch with Adobe and got stuck because the product key was invalid, yet I was able to register it okay. The software was sold online with the description of being used yet it came in a sealed paper disc envelope, with no box. I am not sure what to do now. Any ideas? Can this be fixed?
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          As for the Aspect Ratio, this is set via Presets.

          Since you are in the UK, I will assume that you will want PAL. In the opening dialog, when asked for the Project, you should only have a choice of New and Exit.

          Choose New and you will be taken to a dialog box where you name and locacte your Project on your system. Look at the bottom for Settings. You will get another dialog box, with NTSC and PAL Project Presets. Choose PAL and then you can choose DV, Hard Disk, etc., and HDV. Select the appropriate one and choose Save as Default. You will then get a Project screen with the workings of PE. I do not think that it is much different for PE7 (I have PE4). Some of the names, or terms might be a bit different, but that would be all.

          Good luck,

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            Robert J. Johnston Level 3
            The store that sold you the used version needs to contact Adobe to transfer the license. Since the store gave you your money back, I'm sure they will not do that, and you cannot use it.

            However, if that unit has never been activated, you might want to check this troubleshooting article about rejected serial numbers: