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    Regular problem with video playback & audio video sync

      So, I am regularly having two problems (I wonder whether they are connected) that I cannot solve and am hoping someone can tell me if I am out of luck or if I need to do something or add something.

      For example, because it happened again today. These are details about the file stuff:

      Bit Rate:133kbps
      Audio format: LameMP3
      Frame rate: 23 frames/second
      Data Rate: 1131 kbps
      Video Sample Size: 12 bit
      Video Compression: XVID

      First Problem: If I play the file - I use Media Player Classic - it plays fine. Open it in Windows Media Player and it plays fine. Try to edit it in Premiere and the file loaded into Premiere is filled with what I believe are called audio video sync problems, so I have to constantly unlink audio and video and adjust it. It loads and does not need to conform.

      I have the same problem on my laptop(Windows XP Home) and desktop (XP Pro), the desktop with twice the RAM. I have the K-lite Mega codec pack installed. I would call myself a beginner when it comes to video editing. I understand generally what codecs are but I am not capable to making any tweaks to the K-lite Mega codec pack (if I should have) so it is setup as installed.

      Second Problem: The video in the playback box never plays back normally. I have tried adjusting the playback settings: have changed the aspect ratio between the software and harware option and adjusted between the three desktop display options. Occasionally it is "ok" but most of the time not and never just normal.

      Any help is much appreciated.

      Thank you.
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          These problems come from trying to edit XVID which is a delivery format rather than a format for editing. Your best bet is to convert the video to DV-AVI. You could try to convert using MPEG_Streamclip:
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            Okay...the plot thickens

            I downloaded MPEG_Streamclip, but when I loaded the lastest XviD file I mentioned, the screen was still white, nothing to see, though the title of the file was at the top of box (as though it had been opened) and the bottom right corner details showed the correct length of the video. When I pressed play, it moved along as though it was playing something but still a white screen.

            I checked the details on the page you referred me to and I do have Quicktime. I have 7.5.5. Pro (my digital camera makes .MOV movies so I originally got it for that).

            I didn't know if it was actually there and just that I cannot see it for some reason, so I exported it to AVI as described also in the same page you referred me to. The only option I selected other than the ones told to was frame size, where I selected 624x352.

            After ages of ?encoding I now have a movie same length as my original file except that it all black instead of all white. So it has ?encoded my white MPEG Streamclip screen as a black movie.

            Why isn't my video viewable in MPEG Streamclip? What am I missing? Hope that all makes sense?

            Thank you for your help so far :)
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              Paul_LS Level 4
              It looks like MPEG_Streamclip can not or does not have access to the Xvid codec on your system and so the video is not decoded. You need an Xvid to DV-AVI converter but I am not aware of any free ones.
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                Converting to Divx and Xvid is pretty easy.

                Converting FROM Divx and Xvid is not because the files are so highly compressed.

                If it's possible at all, you may be able to do it with Super -- though, again, coming from such highly compressed files, you may not get the best quality DV-AVIs.
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                  XviD codec is contained in Mega K-Lite I understand, as it asked permission to ?uninstall the Xvid codec I had already installed separately, when I installed that codec pack. Do I have to do anything to K-Lite for MPEG Streamclip to access it, or is the fact that I installed that codec pack enough.

                  "Xvid to DV-AVI converter" - If I was to buy one, is there one you would recommend?

                  Super: Output Container: ?AVI
                  and what video codec and audio codec would I select?
                  Any other options I should select for the file mentioned originally above...to try converting the file with Super.
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                    Paul_LS Level 4
                    I looked at MPEG_Streamclip and it does not appear capable of working with Xvid files.
                    You could download this free version of the Apex conversion utility. However it installs a "survey" package on your computer that can be removed using Add/Remove Programs. Otherwise you can buy the enhanced non-free version that does not have the extra package:
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                      the_wine_snob Level 9
                      M O'Neil,

                      I use DigitalMedia Converter (Deskshare, ~US$40) to do most of my file conversions. To date, it has worked almost perfectly with a lot of different CODEC's. One MUST have the CODEC properly installed on the system, as it does not come with any of its own. It handles Xvid & DivX well, though there IS the quality hit that Steve mentions. No way around that. PE has always worked perfectly with the DV-AVI Type II files from DMC. However, Premiere Pro often sees them highly truncated. I actually use PE to Import the file (plays perfectly there), and then just Export to DV-AVI Type II (same file format and exact same size), for use in Premiere Pro. Whatever it is, that P-Pro does not like about the file is fixed in PE. Go figure, as they are the same exact size and Dupe File Finder reports that they are identical. One, shows up with a tiny Duration in P-Pro, the other is perfect. Gotta be just one bit, or something that is off and messes up P-Pro. That is the only limitation I've ever found with DMC, and it affects about 1 file in 10. Still, PE handles the converted files perfectly.

                      I use a freeware program G-Spot (www.headbands.com/gspot) to tell me the specs of most AV files, especially the CODEC. Another thing that it does is survey the system, and will tell if you do have the necessary CODEC installed. Another freeware program for the latter is Sherlock the CODEC Detective. Be aware that it will throw false-positives for corrupt CODEC's from Adobe - it's a naming convention thing, and it will say that all Adobe MainConcept CODEC's are broken. They are not. With most other CODEC's, it's spot on, but you just need to ignore the false positives with Adobe ones.

                      Good luck,

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                        Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                        Don't forget about VirtualDub. VirtualDub will read Xvid, and then you can export to a different format, preferably DV-AVI. VirtualDub will do batch processing as well.


                        Download the XviD Codec (encodes and decodes):
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                          I tried this already and then we had a blackout so going to try again and hope it goes through before a second one...lol




                          Thank you Robert J. Johnston, the_wine_snob, Paul_LS and SteveGrisetti for your help so far.


                          So this is where I am at now:


                          Files all seem to be of the same type, so I will just say "the file" for the one I am working with right now.


                          Loaded file into VirtualDub.  I like that program.  Well done, whoever made it.  Did some basic cutting of unwanted stuff.  Saved as AVI.  Saved both a Direct Stream Copy and a Full Processing Copy.

                          Opened the FP copy in Premiere Elements and it plays without audio sync problems that I can see. Have edited it some so far and still no problems.


                          Before I do any more editing work, I decided to save it (SHARE) in different formats to see what happens.

                          Goal: Looking for no audio sync problems.  Best quality I can get with a 1GB file size limit.

                          Saved as DV-AVI:  plays fine.  no audio sync probelms.  love the video quality.  2.95GB, so too big


                          Saved as Flash:  Do not see any audio sync problems.  Do NOT like the quality (flips back and forth between clear and all pixely (is that a word).  32 MG


                          Saved as Mpeg: Media Player won't play it (thought Media Player with KL Mega Codec played everything?) (It loads it but doesn't play?); Quicktime won't play it.  Windows Media Player just did.  Do not see any audio sync problems.  Like the video quality. 631 MB.


                          Saved as Windows Media: Do not "think" there are any audio sync problems; if there are, they are very subtle.  Not crazy about video quality.  Better than flash video option though still flickers between two types of qaulity (if that makes sense) . 52MB


                          Any suggestions as to what I should do at this point to meet my stated goal.  I assume [share]ing is what I should do?  Is there any exporting or any other options I do not know about.  Without your help I figure I will Share to MPEG?  Not sure why Media Player won't play it and Windows Media Player will?

                          Any thoughts on the best choice for me?  Thanks for your help.

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                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                            It sounds like you're having success sharing to a number of formats.


                            What is the goal, M? What format do you want to save it as?