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    Help with elements 7

      Please help! I am ready to throw this program in the trash and go back to elements 2.0.
      Problem 1. When using the desktop shortcut, after program loads and main menu comes up, there are three choices, quick movie, new project, existing project. I can click on quick movie and new project and be directed to the next step, when I click on existing project nothing happens. My work around has been to close element 7 and open the existing project directly from where it is stored.
      Problem 2. In the middle of working with a project the program will stop working, it remains open but nothing works. My work around is ctrl-alt-delete and in program manager I click switch too button and then elements 7 works again.
      Both of these issues are very time consuming and frustrating. I have re loaded the program, but this does not fix the issues.

      Thank you for your help in advance.
      Bob Yaro