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    Google Chrome

      I don't know wether this is good or bad news. Why in the world are Google trying to build their future on a technology that requires 5 times more work than the newer alternatives like Flex/AIR (or Silverlight for that sake).

      I think this is bad news for both Google and Adobe. If Adobe and Google teamed up, Microsoft would have more problems in gaining world domination with their Silverligth future. Microsoft is naturally going to transform all their applications to Silverlight over time, which will make the Google javascript based applications look and perform like the stoneage. Having Google and Adobe "compete" on technologies is not going to win any businesses or developers over - however, the opposite might do the trick.

      I thought Google were smart... am I missing something?
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          Yozef0 Level 1
          My thoughts exactly. The Google Chrome 'browser' must have the flash player plug-in though (?)
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            riesvantwisk Level 1
            I think the effort of google chrome browser is good.
            Most, if not all browsers are not based on modern technologies. and I still hate it when one single website can crash my whole browser. So google is doing some good things in that area, use webkit as the render engine as a separate thread/sandbox and aswell as with javascript.

            It's also good they they are going to speed up javascript because that's horrible slow and one of the reasons why there is flex/flash.

            I can name a couple of other reasons but I think it's a good thing what google is doing in that area. and yes, they will supoort flash ... But it sucks that they currently only supports windows. After all, who needs windows where there are operating systems without walls... hehehe