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    Interlaced DVD on (Progressive) HDTV....

    Ed.Macke Level 3
      I recently (finally) upgraded to an HDTV, and maybe I'm just looking for things, or things are simply more noticable, but......

      You know how if you export to DV-AVI, and then watch it in Windows Media Player, it looks all horrible because the file is interlaced and WMP doesn't de-interlace it for display on an LCD monitor?

      Well, I could swear I'm seeing the same thing on my HDTV. It's nowhere near as bad, and really only appears to happen in areas where there's motion, but it really does look interlac-y in parts.

      Am I hallucinating? Seeing things that aren't there? Are my college years finally catching up to me? Or am I seeing something that's similar to, but different, from interlaced video on a progressive screen?

      Everything I can find on the net refers to the NTSC standard and regular TVs (i.e. interlaced), and I can't find anything on the fact that HDTVs are progressive, but accept progressive (480p, 720p, 1080p) and interlaced(1080i)? What a rabbit hole.

      If details matter:
      *Source video is DV-AVI (BFF interlaced)
      *I export project pieces to DV-AVI (also BFF interlaced)
      *Exported DV-AVI now becomes source for final project
      *From PRE, I burn the DVD to a folder (VOB shows MPEG-2, BFF interlaced)
      *I burn the folder to DVD using imgBurn
      *I play the DVD on a normal, non-upscaling DVD player
      *DVD player is connected via Component cable to my HDTV (480p input???)
      At some point, I'm assuming the MPGEG-2 interlaced video is de-interlaced, by not sure by whom (DVD player, HDTV?)???