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    Recording to Mini DV Tape Prem Elems4

      XP Pro 2GB RAM nVidia Graphics 256mb 32bit dual core

      I am able to burn a dvd from the timeline ok yet when I try to record a mini DV tape the recording stalls. I have uninstalled and reinstalled PE4 and have removed Photoshop Elem 6 from the computer. Also defragged but still problem persists. Probably goes for about 5 - 15 mins then stops. Any ideas?

      Robert Black
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          From a post by Robert:

          "The stopping of playback and the stopping of exporting back to tape was something introduced in Premiere Elements 4.0 and still exists in Premiere Elements 7.0.

          There are two possible solutions. Disconnect your cable or DSL modem from your computer, then start Premiere Elements. Some sort of communication causes Premiere Elements to lose focus, and when it does, it stops playback. You can't just take the internet "offline" using software such as Internet Explorer or Zonealarm. I'll have to retry this in version 7 to see if it still works.

          The other method is to "encapsulate" Premiere Elements using Windows Sniper. http://www.unhuman.com. "

          In the end the only complete solution was to use Windows Sniper,
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            Thanks Paul
            How does 'encapsulate' actually work ?