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    Join mpeg's with diff audio & video dimmensions?

      Hi, newbie here. Sorry if this is obvious, just trying to learn & can't find this in the help docs so thought I'd ask here:

      Can APE7 join some mpeg files I got from various sources which have differing audio (AC3 & mpeg I think) & video dimmensions? (so presumably one or both clips need to be resized and re-encoded either before joining, or as part of the join (preferably the latter to save me the step))?

      Rather than just burning the disc with the mpegs as separate files, I'd like to join them if I can since it's the same program & would like to do the chapter for the "single" program etc.

      I used to use Mpeg Video Wizard for this but I had to switch to Vista since my XP town crashed so hope APE7 can do this as I know I'll have some of these to do in the future.

      So let me know how to do this if I can with APE7, if not, any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the replies. :)