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    On disc editing?

      Hi, newbie here. Sorry if this is obvious, just trying to learn & can't find this in the help docs so thought I'd ask here:

      I used to do on disc editing with another program and though I knew it was risky, I liked it because I record music performances from bands that play on TV (Leno, Leterman, etc.) and collect all of their performances on discs (each disc per band) and within the disc in date broadcast order and once a +RW disc was full, I'd then copy it to a +R disc and start a new +RW disc for that band (only for my own personal collection though of course).

      Well, I can't use that program on my new Vista tower and I know on disc editing has been frowned upon so I guess I can't do that anymore (since most don't recommend it and companies also feel the same way as I bet it's not easy to find programs that will do that anymore) but I really need as similar a set up as I can get since I have so many of these discs there's no way I can just keep the contents of them on my external hard drive "in case" I need to reburn them and I just don't have the time to re-rip 2 hours of twenty 10 minute videos back to my computer so I can reset the chapter points (between songs on each show) & reauthor the discs all over again over and over just because so & so was on Letterman last night (that's where the on disc came in, because then I could just go in and squeeze it on the "pending" +RW disc and edit the already existing authoring and then the new vid wouldn't be clogging up my drive space) & friends of mine can send me older perfs which I need to put in the middle of an older disc so yes, in those cases I would have to reauthor from scratch I guess but the newer stuff...

      I could double boot XP on my PC I suppose but I just wanted to check to see if this was possible with APE7 is all before I do all of that.

      So let me know how to do this if I can with APE7, if not, any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the replies. :)
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          No. You can't edit on disc, if by that you mean adding or removing some video files while leaving other files on a DVD, with Premiere Elements. In fact, depending on what format you're recording these TV shows to (DVD? DVR?) this may not be the ideal program for you at all, even if you store the files on a hard drive and then burn them to DVD once they're assembled.

          A better program for that might be Sonic MyDVD.

          A better program for working with DVR files is Ulead's Movie Studio.
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            Level 1
            VOB to mpeg2 is what I use but that's fine, no biggie, didn't think this was do-able, just asking while the questions are in my head is all I'm still going to use APE7 for lots of other things anyways. :)
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              If you're looking for a guide to the program, my "Muvipix.com Guide to Premiere Elements 7" is getting great reviews on Amazon. It's available there and through the Muvipix store at http://astore.amazon.com/chuckengelsco-20/detail/0615248993/104-3709942-5611121
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                I may have misunderstood your question but I believe that in Adobe Premiere Elements you can do what you wish to, if... you are trying to go from vob to mpeg. I have Premiere Elements 2.0 and I can add the vob file then edit it and then I go to FILE->EXPORT->MPEG and select Mpeg1 or Mpeg 2 and it exports the movie as an mpg file to a folder on the hard drive. Is this what you are trying to do?
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                  Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                  You would be better off, too, Carole, using another program. It's not that you can't do it in PRemiere Elements, but that other programs use "Smart Rendering" where the VOB's you import won't have to be recompressed again when you export them, causing loss of quality and time.
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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                    I agree with Robert. As I said in my first post, Sonic MyDVD would be a better choice since it includes smart rendering for MPEGs and DVD files.
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                      cabella40 Level 1
                      Thank you for the explanation for not using Premiere Elements, I wasn't aware of the smart rendering and you have cleared that up for me - I will check out the other program.