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    Burning to blue ray

      If I'm burning a project to Blue ray I noticed a drop down box {and by the way I bought your book} with different presets ie H.264 1920 x 1080i or mpeg2 1920 x 1080i. Which one do I choose? I want the best Quality for my HDTV. 2nd Question. If I use the recommended process of burning to folders and combing clips for a hidef burn will that have in avi format all the quality I want to burn to blue ray.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Hey, thanks for supporting the book, Jerry!

          You can choose either setting for BluRay and you should get excellent quality. Virtually all BluRay players can read either MPEG or MP4.

          As for your second question, it sounds like you're asking you should output AVIs from each of your sequences and combine them into a final project for mix-down.

          If so, that would work if you were working in standard DV. But you're working in hi-def -- so you want to output MPEGs. Go to Share/Output/Personal Computer and select the MPEG output, then go to Settings drop-down menu and select the HDV output option.

          As long as you import these hi-def MPEGs into a project set to the HDV project settings, you should get excellent BluRay output from the mix.
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            jerrymac50 Level 1
            Thanks for the speedy response Steve! On those presets,it has different resolution numbers does that have any bearing on the resolution or quality I will see on my Hi def 108i tv set?
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Sure. (Assuming you camcorder is capable of shooting at 1080.) Use one of the 1080 settings. If you're in the USA, you want the 1080 30 fps.

              (If your TV or camcorder could only shoot or display 720, of course, you wouldn't see a real improvement in using a higher line screen.)