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    Premier Elements 7 freezes

      Dell Inspiron Desktop
      Vista Basic
      Pentium Dual Core 2.6GHz
      2 Gigs Ram
      Stock mobo intel graphics
      Nothing Special

      I recently took some video on an old Hi-8 Sony camcorder, which I then burned to DVD and encoded to .mp4 because I was having trouble importing the hour long dvd into PRE. My problem is that now, after about 10 minutes the program will crash with striking regularity. The program will not recover, and I end up losing whatever it was that I was doing. I have tried giving the program as many privileges as I can find and running it in compatibility mode with XP. My guess is that its running out of memory...is there any way to allocate more? I dont mind if things run a little slow...is there any way to force it to use a ton of memory on the paging file?
      Any help is appreciated.
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          In going from DVD to .mp4 you have gone from the frying pan into the fire... PE7 (and most other editors) have problems working with these compressed formats which are intended for delivery. Your best bet is to convert the DVD to DV-AVI which PE7 handles natively. See this FAQ on conversion:
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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
            For what it's worth, the program is much more likely to have problems with an MP4 file than a DVD file, particularly since this is a standard DV MP4 and not an AVCHD file.

            A better workflow would be to capture your analog video with a DV bridge, like the ADS Pyro AV Link, that saves your video as DV-AVIs.

            You don't say how you're turning video from your hi8 as a DVD, but that's probably an unnecessary step.
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              I am experiencing non-recoverable freeze up's as well, I just purchased PE 7 today and have been trying to create a movie from clip made on a new Sanyo Xacti. My computer is a Sony Vaio with a duo core Centrino chip set running at 2gigHz with 3 gig memory and I have bumped the virtual mem up to 4-6 gig. I installed a free with the camera copy of PE 4 and it was crashing after giving a warning about low memory...so I bumped up the memory. Still no good so I went out and bought a copy of PE7 thinking the newer version would solve the problem. No such luck...I like the features of PE4 and 7, is there any way to make this work? And is it realitivly simple? I am no computer tech, so any responses need to be elementary in nature or should I just try and return it for a refund?
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                Like Benjamin, you are using a non-standard video camera -- an MP4 (but not AVCHD) camcorder that records hi-def to a memory card.

                The solutions suggested for the Flip camera may work for you. Otherwise, it's not likely you'll be able to edit this type of video natively in Premiere Elements.

                You can also contact Adobe Tech Support and see if they have a suggestion.
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                  Ed.Macke Level 3

                  Just FYI, current Sony miniDV digital camcorders are backwards compatible with Hi-8 tapes.

                  That is, you can pop a Hi-8 tape into the newer camera, hook up the Firewire cable (Sony calls Firewire "iLink" but it's the same thing) and capture your video in DV-AVI as Steve suggested.

                  I use a DCR-HC48 to do this all the time. There's some details you'll need to be aware of it you want to do this, but just something to keep in mind.
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                    I agree with Paul.
                    MP4 is not the best recommended format for editing in Premiere Elements.
                    I would suggest you better migrate to a simpler option like DV standard.
                    Best wishes with editing.
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                      I have a Sanyo XACTI that outputs in HD - 1280 x 720 using mp4 format.  Everybody seems to recommend converting this to DV AVI but as far as i can see i will loose resolution doing that.


                      Is there a format I can convert to that will be easy for PE 7 to work with but which won't loose resolution?


                      Thanks a lot for any advice

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                        Paul_LS Level 4

                        You could convert to 1280x720 MPEG2 at say 25Mb/s bitrate. This would give you a high resolution, high quality video which is not too large (file size) and compatible with PE7. And you could edit this in PE7 in a project using the HDV 720p preset.

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                          Thanks Paul, I have tried that and will see how it works, so far so good.


                          I am using Super to convert the files but wondered which type of audio to go for, the options being AC3, MP2, MP3.





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                            Paul_LS Level 4

                            AC3 should be good, or MP2 but I would avoid MP3 as this sometimes can give some issues with Premiere Eleemnts.