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    Playback issues

      I'm trying to edit some footage of a computer game I play into a video in Elements v7. I didn't have any trouble with uploading the clips into the program and they appeared to be fine in the playback window, but when I went to view the clips they played at a speed several times too fast. The playbar was still moving at a regular speed though, so the clip's footage ended in about a fourth of the time it should have. After the first, faster playback of the clip it would repeat it at varying speeds until the playbar reached the end of the clip.

      I'm not sure if this is a simple fix or a long and complicated process, but I'd appreciate any feedback.

      I run Vista (32-bit) and have a dual core processor at 2.10 GHz. 3 GB of ram.

      The video was imported in AVI format at 30 fps. I'd using the standard settings for NTSC on Elements.

      Thanks for the feedback in advance, I've tried a variety of different things, but nothing seems to be working.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          First we'll need to know you "played" a computer game into Premiere Elements or how you "imported" it as an AVI at 30 fps.

          Most likely whatever software you used to create the AVI uses a codec that is not compatible with Premiere Elements. To see what codec it uses, open the AVI in Windows Media Player and go to File/Properties.

          Because Premiere Elements does not work well with a wide variety of codecs (particularly game codecs) it's probably not the best program for editing this type of file. Sorry.