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    Monitor Stops Working APE4

    Phil.com Level 1
      APE4 When I try to play a project the video on the Monitor goes for about 2 second and stops while the audio keeps going. I tried closing out and restarting program and it did not work. What gives???

      The last time this h append, about two days ago, I reinstalled the program. Is that the only solution?

      Cheers! Phil
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Lots depends on lots, Phil.

          What is the video? What kind of camcorder did it come from and how did you get it into your computer? (e.g., miniDV, captured over FireWire)

          Also, particularly if this is hi-def or AVCHD footage, this could well be a resource issue. How fast is your processor, how much RAM do you have and which operating system are you using?
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            Phil.com Level 1
            Camcorder: Sony DCR-TRV-19, miniDV, Firewire connection
            The video is stored on an external 149 GB Drive. Half full drive.
            Not HD
            Program length about 35 minutes
            This setup has worked great for months on my laptop and this is a new computer.

            Not so sure if Gateway would be my first choice but it was a gift. I had about 8 hours of editing with Premier Elemnts4 with no problems.
            Gateway LX6810-01
            http://www.gateway.com/systems/product/529668232.php I hope their spec sheet answers your specifications questions.


            Cheers! Phil
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              You definitely how a very powerful machine and a good workflow, since you're using a miniDV connected by FireWire.

              First thing I'd do is check that external drive and make sure it's formatted NTFS and not FAT32. (You should be able to see this by going to Start/Computer, right-clicking on the drive and selecting Properties.

              FAT32 drives have a file size limitation that can choke intensive operations, such as video editing.

              Also, this seems like a pretty small drive to be pairing up to this massive computer. Is it an old drive? It's possible that it's a slower (5400 rpm) drive, and that too could be causing a bottleneck.

              You've got over 600 gigs of space on your C drive. Do a test -- move your video files to your C drive and see if you're still having problems. That will tell you if the external drive is at the root of your problems.

              Meantime, I think it goes without saying that Vista is still a relatively new operating system, so it's vital that you go to Windows Update and download every possible update. (You may have to go back a number of times to get them all.)

              Also, make sure you've got the latest version of Quicktime. Even if you're not working with Quicktime files, Quicktime plays a vital role in all PC based video editors.

              And, although you've got a very powerful computer, it might not hurt to turn off some of those resource-draining Vista things, particularly the live desktop and sidebar. You'll be surprised how even the fastest computer will perform a lot better when it's not draining resources by taking live internet feeds.
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                Ed.Macke Level 3

                I had this problem and it drove me nuts. Fairly random: it would work fine one day, and the next day it would be almost unusable, the next day fine again.

                Here's what consistently worked for me (this was on XP, but...): After starting PRE, go into Window's Task Manager, find the PRE executable, and right-click on it. Go to Set Priority, and choose "High". I'd be curious to see if this works for you, too.

                My theory is that Windows (or any one of the 1,000 processes running at any given time) does something that interrupts PRE *just* enough to make it lose it's place. Kind of like when you go to the basement to look for something, get sidetracked on the way, then can't remember why you went down there in the first place?

                Maybe bumping up the priority makes PRE not get interrupted? Maybe it just makes it recover quicker after it is interrupted? Dunno. But for me, with the increased priority I never had the problem again. When I get lazy and leave it at normal priority, I usually don't have a problem but sometimes PRE goes bi-polar on me and it pops up again.

                By the way, you'll have to do this each time you start PRE. If you close PRE, or it crashes, the next time it starts it will be back to normal priority - you'll have to bump it up again.

                Also, all of Steve's advice still applies!
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                  Phil.com Level 1
                  I moved two of the programs to the main hard drive and it did not correct the problem. My moving I don't mean "Save As". Each program is in it's own directory and that's what I copied.

                  All Drives are NTFS.
                  My log shows the last Vista up date was 2/28/09.
                  Apple says I have the latest Quicken up Date.
                  I have edited about five other projects on that external hard drive with no problems.
                  When I got the computer about three weeks ago I opted for the service that takes all that extra S/W junk off the computer.

                  Ed, I followed your instructions but when I did a right click on the APE file "Go to Set Priority" was not an option.

                  Cheers! Phil
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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                    Assuming you've optimized Vista for video editing, as I suggested above, I'm stumped. sorry. Might be time to call Adobe Tech Support.
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                      Phil.com Level 1
                      Thank you. I'm off to Adobe Tech Support.

                      Cheers! Phil
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                        Ed.Macke Level 3

                        I'm sitting at an XP computer at the moment, but I believe Vista is almost identical.

                        Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete simultaneously, then press the "Task Manager" button. This should bring up Task Manager.

                        Select the "Processes" tab, and locate the PRE program (I believe it's called something intuitive like "Premiere Elements"). Right click on that process, and you should get a menu of options. One of those options is "Set Priority".

                        When you click on that, you should get a menu of "Realtime", "High", "Above Normal", "Normal", "Below Normal", and "Low". It will be set to "Normal", but you want to select "High".

                        "Above Normal" seemed to work pretty well, too. You shouldn't ever select "Realtime"; it doesn't seem to do any more good than "High" and can interfere with the operating system.

                        Here's a link that might help (Changing priority is the second item - in the example, they are lowering the priority, but you'll want to raise it, of course).

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                          Phil.com Level 1
                          Thank you d for the great details. I did find it but it did not cure the problem.

                          Cheers! Phil
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                            Ed.Macke Level 3
                            > I did find it but it did not cure the problem.

                            Dang it. I had high hopes because I had the exact same issue.

                            Well let us know if tech support is able to help...
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                              Phil.com Level 1
                              Well I disconnected the Firewire cable from my computer and the problem seemed to go away. That means the real problem is the connection and the camera hanging on the computer.

                              As they say when one door closes another one opens. In our case when one problem closes another one opens.

                              I'll work on that later, I have to get two shows edited.

                              Cheers! Phil
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                                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                                You mean your had your FireWire cable plugged in while you were playing back your video?!

                                I wish I'd have known that! Version 4 was designed to allocate more resources to the camcorder connection when cable was plugged in, Phil. This was so that you could capture with less likelihood of background processes interrupting and making you drop frames.
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                                  Ed.Macke Level 3
                                  Uh... my Firewire cable is always plugged in! Not for any specific reason other than laziness. I don't remember it saying on the box not to do that :)

                                  Now I know. Although I'm on PRE7 now.