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    no audio in one vob from dvd

      I imported vob's from a DVD. 2 of the chapters came in as media type "Movie" and one came in a "Video". The video chapter doesn't have audio with it.

      Any ideas what the differences may be between a Movie and a Video.

      Any advice on digitizing with audio on this one chapter?

      I've tried using elements as the capture tool as well as importing the VOB as a file.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          It's hard to say without knowing the source of the DVD and what audio codec the DVD was using.

          You may be able to convert the DVD files to a usable audio/video file with MPEG Streamclip or one of the other DVD converters we recommend in the FAQs at the top of this forum.
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            MPEG Streamclip has upgraded to a new version which no longer is compatible with Apple Quick Time and therefore cannot convert MPEG files to dv-avi, unless you either purchase an Apple add-on, or delete Quick Time and install and particular, older version of Quick Time Alternative. See the website for details. Suggest MPEG Streamclip be removed from your list of conversion utilities.

            Further, I tried to use Streamclip to convert a generic avi file to dv-avi, per your instructions for MPEG. It did not work, Streamclip couldn't handle the file, various error messages.

            Then I tried Windows Moviemaker to convert the generic avi file to dv-avi, per forum instructions. It works, but PE7 has problems with the converted file. Specifically, it appears in the organization window, but when you drag it to the sceneline, it's there because you can see it in the monitor screen, but the clip is black, with no image. Also black in the edit screen. Not good for editing purposes. Any ideas or suggestions to resolve this issue?

            Tech info: the generic avi file was converted from VHS by Diamond one touch video capture VC500. I'm running XP Pro SP3, 3.5GB usable RAM, 2.6 Pentium 4 dual processor, PE7, plenty of HD space on an external HD.
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Have you tried the other DVD conversion products recommended in the FAQ?
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                Level 1
                I will try the other products over the next few days. I was very disappointed with MPEG Streamclip, since they had gotten such high reviews. I hope one of the forum commentators with good credentials will say something to them. A reliable company should not abruptly make its product relatively worthless for its intended use.
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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Windows Movie Maker Exports to DV-AVI Type I, while most NLE's work with DV-AVI Type II best. Some will handle Type I, and convert to Type II, but not always. One solution is to use a conversion program, like DigitalMedia Converter (shareware) to handle this, outside of Adobe. It's simple, and quick, and does batch conversions. Then, your DV-AVI file will Import perfectly into Premiere. I also find that PE has fewer problems handling Type I files, than does its big-brother, Premiere Pro. I often use PE as an intermediate step, before Importing into Premiere Pro. Still, some Type I's just cause problems. I wish that WMM would change to Exporting Type II DV-AVI's, but MS does not seem to want to go there.

                  Good luck,