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      Okay, I read in a forum about how some AVI files won't work with Premiere 7 because of the codec it has. Can someone publish a list of what codecs Premiere Elements 7 is able to use? I burned an AVI file in movie format to a disc but when I played the disc, the sound was different from the moving of the lips. Thanks.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          It actually depends on how your system is set up and which codecs are installed. As you know, there are hundreds and hundreds of codecs out there, withe more being created every day to support video players, computer games, etc.

          The only AVI codec that will absolutely work consistently in Premiere Elmements is the DV codec.

          Other video editors, including Windows MovieMaker, can work with a wider variety of codecs (as can Premiere Pro). So, if your AVI is coming from anything other than a miniDV camcorder, you should assume it needs to be converted to a DV AVI if you want to edit in in Premiere Elements.

          This would include video from still cameras, video downloaded from the web and video captured by digitizers that do not connect to your computer via FireWire.