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    Problems moving directories

      I needed to re-arrange my drives some. I had originally had some videos on the S: drive. I moved them to the W: drive. I completely deleted everything from my Adobe Catalog. I readded my pictures and they worked fine. Adding Videos has been problematic. I point to the video I wish to import. For example W:\Working\Tape99\Tape99 01.avi. It says it imports it. However, by selecting show folder location in the organizer, it has linked the file to the old S:\Working directory, and shows a greyed out directory name like S:\Working\Tape99\Tape99 01.avi, and basically thinks the file is disconnected.

      I have searched all over the application to find where this magic "default" setting is coming from, I can't find it. I have searched the internet and haven't been able to find it. I really don't want to swap the W: drive back to the S: drive, and by all rights I shouldn't have to. I am on the verge of wiping out my entire Adobe install and trying again from scratch, but I have a bad feeling that the problem will still remain.

      I am open to any suggestions or hints that could help with this. I spent a lot of time re-cataloging all of the pictures which works fine, and the video import should link to where the file came from not some old directory.

      Thanks for your help.