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    HD rendering

    ravmitterhoff Level 1
      If I wanted to produce an hour video to put on the internet and I want it to be only one gig in size, is it better to film in HD and then compress or film in VGA? Which would produce better quality?
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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          One hour of "dvd quality" standard definition video in mpeg-2 format is going to be "about" 3 Gigs

          One hour at 1 Gig is not going to be very high quality, or will have a greatly reduced screen size

          Film in SD and then select one of the HIGHLY compressed codecs for your output

          One hour of DV-AVI (SD format) will be about 13 Gig before editing
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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
            Also, if you use a web-based format, like Quicktime, WMV or FLV, an hour of video would likely be 60-100 megabytes -- and there are few hosting sites that will let you post a video that size. That's why most YouTube videos of TV shows are broken into 10 minute segments.

            If you've got your own web site and you can load a file of any size there, your best option might be Divx.

            But, in any event, in order to stream over even a cable connection, your video will need to be about 360x240 pixels, so shooting in hi-def is probably unnecessary.
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              Level 1
              Hi Eliyahu, Please tell the purpose for which you want to upload your video. Uploading a HD video on the net is not very useful because when you stream it, it will eat all of your bandwidth.
              So, as told by steve, I would suggest you to export your video to either of the following formats - F4v, Flv, wmv, QT etc
              F4v will give decent results and file size will be less.