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    Premiere Elements 3.0 doesnt' work on Vista?

      You idiots. I won't buy any more HP because they didn't support their products and my dell laptop crapped out so they are off my list. Now you Adobe? I purchased PE3.0 and expected to be able to use it for a couple of years. Microsoft won't support xp on new machines and you won't support PE3.0 on Vista? You idiots. How about comping me on a video ed program that does? Disgusted and dissatisfied. Fix it or your off the list. markr@proamericas.com
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          Here you are Mark... just for you... a Vista fix for PE3:
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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
            It's also worth noting that you're using a version of the software that's older than Vista! You really can't blame Adobe if you didn't update the software.

            Great attitude by the way. I'm sure you'll get great results with it.
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              the_wine_snob Level 9
              With regards to compatibility of software and OS's (plus hardware), there seem to be only two camps, with no middle ground. One camp wants legacy software to always work 100% with whatever comes down the pike. The other camp can't tolerate that there are newer, better OS's, or hardware, that the current applications cannot, or do not, take full advantage of.

              MS locked itself into a very small, dark room, when trying to keep every new OS backward compatible with the earliest forms of DOS. This allowed Apple to really jump them.

              Unfortunately, a user cannot have it both ways. At some point, legacy software, and hardware, must be abandoned, or at least relegated to a computer set up in the back of the office, that only gets used, when one encounters some of the older formats, etc.