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    Trimming frame specific?

      Sorry this is probably very easy but just a newbie and can't find it is all so thought I'd ask:

      The only way I can find how to set the in and out points for trimming clips is by dragging the in and out points (either in monitor or sceneline) and that's good for cutting out the main end parts not wanted but I can't get it to stop at the specific frames I want to start/end on.

      Can someone please tell me in simple terms how to get the edits down to frame specific?

      Thanks in advance for the replies. :)
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          the_wine_snob Level 9
          There are a couple of ways to get frame-specific In & Out Points. In the Preview Monitor (Dbl-click the Clip to load it and open the Premview Monitor), you can Dbl-click the In, or Out Point Time Incicator (right and left of the player control panel) and enter the exact time to the frame. Or, you can Clk-drag (scrub) on these Time Indicators, stopping where you want. Or, you can Play, and hit Pause about where you want, and use the cursor keys, ◄ ►, to step frame-by-frame.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
            There are a couple of ways.

            1) Press the + key or move the slider to zoom in to your timeline until you can see the individual frames of your video as tic marks on the timeline.


            2) Use your left and right arrow keys to move one frame at a time


            3) Type over the timecode on the monitor panel to move the CTI (current time indicator) on the timeline to a specific frame)
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Good morning, Hunt! I guess between the two of us, wetcamel will have lots of options!
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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                Hey, better to have more options, than none! And a good morning back attcha' ya.

                That is one thing that I like about most Adobe programs, they allow different workflows to achieve the same general result. The method will usually be depenent on the desired final outcome, plus how the editor likes to work.

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                  Thanks to you two.

                  OK, I've double clicked on the clip and the monitor window opened on top, I got to the frame I want and have it on pause.

                  Now, where is the in marker icon (first) to double clink on (to indicate "(this) is where I want it to start")?
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    Look just below and to the left and right of the Play console. You'll see two brackets. The one on the left sets the In Point, the one on the right sets the Out Point. Once done, drag to your Timeline. There are tiny lables as such, though depending on your monitor's resolution and the setup of your GUI, they might not be that noticable. Just click on them when you have the desired frame.

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                      OK, I'll explain this another way:

                      I've loaded a 5 minute clip and I want to make the first "in" point at 00:00:02:24. I have it paused on that frame. When I double click the bracket on the left, it doesn't seem to do anything, I guess I expected it to move from the beginning of the ruler to directly under "where I am" (meaning, the bracket on the top part of the ruler with the needle that hangs down that moves from left to right when the video is played), but it doesn't.

                      Anyways I press on to double clik the right bracket at the end point, which, lets say, I want it to be at 00:01:30:06 so I try the same thing but the right bracket doesn't move either and as said when I try to drag the in bracket on the left to where I want it to be in the ruler the closest I can get to the in point is either 00:00:02:21 or 00:00:02:25, same kind of results at end.

                      I'm really not trying to be difficult but there's obviously something I'm missing so once you can help me find that I think I'll be all set. :)
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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                        Are you using video from a miniDV camcorder? DV-AVIs from miniDV camcorders allow for frame-accurate editing.

                        MPEGs, on the other hand, use a system of I-frames, which are like keyframes, followed by frames that borrow information from the I-frames. They may not allow for frame-accurate editing in Premiere Elements.

                        Otherwise, if you've got your video clip open in the Clip Monitor (double-click on the clip) you can set the CTI to exact point you want to use as an in or out point and then click the Set In or Set Out buttons at the bottom of his monitor to set it.

                        BTW, make sure you're double-clicking on the clip in the project media panel or on the timeline to open the Clip Monitor so you can trim the clip.

                        Double-clicking on the clip in the Organizer only opens it up for previewing. You can't do any trimming there.
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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          I think that what you are failing to do is first set the CTI (that is the Current Time Indicator, and is what one moves by scrubbing the Timecode, or using the cursor keys. When it is where you wish, for the In Point, hit that little "bracket" for In Point. Move the CTI to where you wish the Out Point to be, and do the same. Now, your Clip has both the In Point and the Out Point set for it. Just drag that Clip from the Source Monitor to the Timeline, and it will come in with the In Point and Out Point set.

                          You can also do this from the Timeline. With the Clip in the Timeline, zoom the View of the Timeline up, so you can see frame view (see Steve's comment about DV-AVI vs MPEG above). Set your CTI to the exact frame, where you wish the Clip to start. Now, you just drag the left end of your Clip until it's at the exact frame that you want (position of the CTI). That sets the In Point. Do the same for the right end to set the Out Point.

                          Using either method, you have NOT altered your original Clip, only the instance of it, appearing in the Timeline. PE is a non-destructive editor.

                          Hope this makes sense to you and good luck,

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                            OK thanks you two again, I'll see what I can do but like one of you said earlier, it was originally a VOB which I made an AVI in APE7 with edits as close as I could get in APE7. After then unsuccessfully trying to get frame specific with the AVI (that I made from the VOB in APE7) in Windows Movie Maker I came back to APE7 in the hopes of getting frame specific in APE7 but I assume since it was originally a VOB, I might not be able to get frame specific (assuming a VOB has the same "rules" as you said earlier with an MPEG).
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                              the_wine_snob Level 9
                              If you have converted to a DV-AVI Type II file, you have the frames to cut on. That is one reason that the same resolution and Duration of DV-AVI is much larger than the same file in MPEG-2 - the frames are now there.

                              Good luck,