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    AVCHD Video editing

      I'm working with PE7 and have a Core2Duo 2.66GHz E6750 CPU. In the near future to buy me an AVCHD Cam, so I would like to buy a quad CPU. The Core2Quad 2.83GHz Q9550 is Euro 50 cheaper than the Core2Quad 3GHz Q9650, it is worth the small difference 0.17 GHz?

      How important is the graphics card? Have an Nvidia GeForce 7300GT / 256MB, brings a new graphics card for HD editing something?

      Gruss Heinz

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          A 256 mb graphics card should be adequate. Premiere Elements is not terribly graphics card intensive.

          I'll let someone with more experience with AVCHD answer your question about the quad core.
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            H.Schaub Level 1
            Hello Steve

            Thanks for the quick answer, keep the old graphics card ! Ram, I have 3 GB installed ...


            Have read your report because - "BCDEDIT / set increaseuserva 3072" ... If the number 3072 for 4GB Ram installed?

            Gruss Heinz
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              Paul_LS Level 4
              I use PE7 on both a Dual Core 2.66GHz processor and a Quad Core Q6600 2.4GHz. The difference is significant, I can get smooth playback from the timeline with the quad core but not from the dual core. Either of the processors you discuss will work fine for AVCHD.

              Sorry but dont understand your second post. :(
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                I think the question surrounded performance of a Quad at 2.83ghz versus a Quad at 3.0ghz.

                Does the 50 Euro price difference make it worth while ???

                The difference being .17ghz (which is actually .17x4, assuming an app takes advantage of all 4 cores, which PE should).

                For me, since I don't upgrade PC's very often, I would go with the faster Quad. When it comes to Video, especially AVCHD, every little bit of processor speed should help.

                Can the price differential be fully justified, probably not, as there's not a quantum leap in speed between the two...