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    Audio & Video synchronization in PE4

      Audio is late. What steps to do to synchronize it with the video.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Depends on your source video and what type of camcorder it came from.

          This tends to happen when you use one program to capture your video over USB and then try to use Premiere Elements to edit it.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Steve points out, this is usually do he AV file. DV-AVI Type I's exhibit out of sync issues often. Xvid & DivX can also, though usually one only get Audio, or Video. Conversion to DV-AVI Type II usually eliminates most sync issues.

            Now, it is possible that you can "fix" your sync problem, if it's a constant offset, and doesn't drift over time.

            Before you do a lot of cutting of your Clip, Zoom in on your Timeline. Find something that is pretty obvious in your Video, like a CU of someone talking, a Clapper/Slate, an explosion, etc. Turn off Snap (remember to turn it back on, when done). Alt-click on your Audio to Select only it, and not the Video. Now, slide the Audio along to match up with that point in the Video. You may have to experiment a bit, depending on what you have to sync to. I'd also monitor the Audio with a good set of headphones, and expand both the Timeline and the Program Monitor to as large as you can for this.

            Once you have the Audio in sync to your visual spot, test the entire Clip, to make sure that the sync stays, and does not drift. If you've got it, then turn Snap back on, and edit. You might want to make a notation of the offset that is required, as it is likely that all other Clips will require the same, or nearly, amount of offset. As Audio sync problems seem to have the Audio late, you might want to add a couple of seconds of Black Video in front of the Clip, to allow you to slide the Audio to the left, to match sync.

            The best way to eliminate this issue is to Capture in PE from a miniDV tape camera via FW, creating a DV-AVI Type II file, or convert your Assets to this, before Importing into PE.

            Good luck,

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              I want to thank you Grisetti Steve & Bill Hunt for their technical advices about my problems with audio and video synchronization in PE4 . Their explanations were of a teacher to a pupil that is learning to work with experienced knowledge with PE4. Thank you again to both of them.
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                We all learn a few things every day here, Benjamin. Glad it helped you out.