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    Constantly Receive "Conforming Autumn Leaves _prv" Message

      I am continuously receiving a little message at the bottom of the Adobe window telling me:

      Conforming Autumn Leaves_prv
      Conforming Scary Halloween_prv
      Conforming Christmas_prv
      Conforming Valentine's Day_prv

      and so on and so on. This happens all the time while I am working and slows down my project and slows down my computer. There is a small status window that pops up as well showing the progress bar increasing as it's doing it's "Conforming". I believe it is writing files to my hard drive for whatever reason as some of my project folders have dozens & dozens of these files in them and I do not know why they are there.

      I believe that these have something to do with the Disc Menu themes, of which I do not use. Anybody have any ideas how I can turn this useless thing off?