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    ???_Missing audio on one channel in Prem.Elem. 4 & 7_???

      Hello everyone,

      I have a problem concerning Premiere Elements 7 and I can't find a solution to it. Maybe one of you had this before and is able to help me out.

      I have a project with several clips where I removed the original audio and added a soundtrack file to play along. The problem is that there is only audio on one channel when I play the scene in preview. Balance is set correctly, audio file is all right. If I look at the audio file in the audio preview window both channels are visible and play just fine. If I look at the audio mixer and start the scene preview both channels are visible in the peak meter but I still only hear one channel. It doesn't matter if the audio is mp3 or wave. I looked at the audio preferences (audio output mapping): when I change the speaker setup, change right/left channel for the output devices the missing channel changes to the other side. It seems it is somehow connected to these settings. But it's the same settings as with other projects which work fine. So it's gotta be a project-related problem. It's not only in the preview missing but also when I export the scene to file. It is only with this project, but it's too much work to rebuild it. I tried the project with Premiere Elements 4, but it's the same. Other projects work fine.

      I'm running it on Win XP+SP3, Intel 2,8 GHz, 2 GB RAM, Nvidia 6800 GT, MSI 865 PE with onboard C-Media 9739A sound chip, lots of HD space.

      Any suggestions on how to solve this problem would be very much appreciated.

      Thank you,
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Most likely the file was recorded as only one channel, possibly using a mono rather than stereo connector cable.

          To fix this, apply the Audio Effect Fill Left or Fill Right to the audio track.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            If you Dbl-click on the Audio (do not think that you need to Alt-click on it first), the Audio Waveform should open. Do you have a waveform for both Channels. You should, as your meters indicate that you do.

            If you do, you've got stereo for that Clip. I'd next look at the control console for your Audio card and check its settings closely. Also, have you udated your Audio drivers recently.

            How does the Audio Clip play in a program, like the freeware Audacity? I do not believe that you can Mute only one Channel in the Audio Mixer - it Track specific.

            It sounds like one Channel has been Muted somewhere. That is why you still only hear one Channel, when you swap your speakers. Where did the Audio (Soundtrack) come from?


            [Edit] You haven't added the Channel Volume Effect to the Clip, have you?
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              Thank you both for your answers. The audio file is stereo with different waveforms for each channel; I just checked that in Adobe
              Audition. I also checked the settings of the audio card but there's not much I can change. After these problems occured I updated the
              audio card driver to the newest version available. The audio files comes from the video clip I use in the sequence originally. I severed it from the video to edit it in Audition and re-imported it since Premiere Elements hasn't that much sound editing tools. The audio file is fine. There's no channel volume effect applied to the file. As I said I can load it into another project and everything works fine. Gotta be something in this project.

              Ok, ok I found it! I was playing with the audio tracks and I moved the audio file to the soundtrack track and it works! Putting it back in Audio tracks 1 or 2, one channel is missing. Very strange behavior. Or is there a way to mute one channel on a whole track since it happend to all audio files in Audio tracks 1 or 2?

              Anyway, it's gone and that's great. Thank you for your help!
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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                I'll have to play more with the Audio Tracks in PE, to see if I can somehow apply a Track Effect to duplicate what happened to you.

                At least you got it working, and that's the most important part.

                Thanks for reporting,