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    Premiere Elements 7 missing project settings...

      Hi all,
      I am using Premiere Elements v7.0 with a Canon Vixia HV30 camcorder attached. I am having some issues getting my project settings to match my HDV camcorder and the HD video i want to import. When I launch Elements and the welcome screen is open, i click "new project" followed by "change settings" under project settings. From here my understanding is that I should be able to choose from multiple presets that correspond to the quality of the video i am inputing. However, when i open "change settings" it is completely blank. The settings are defaulted to NTSC-DV Standard 48khz and I can't change them. I have tried having my camcorder plugged in and turned on thinking maybe Elements needed to see my camcorder, but the list is still blank.
      If i try to get media from my HDV camcorder, i get the message "your current camera setting is different from your project settings. Results may not be optimized." After i close that error message, i am able to playback video and capture, but I am unsure if it is in high-def or not. I would think the project settings need to match the HD quality that i am importing.
      Can anyone help me with this issue? Has anyone seen or heard of this before? Thanks for your time.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          I'd try uninstalling and reinstalling the program. It sounds like something didn't get installed right the first time.

          Also, make sure you've got the latest version of Quicktime, an important component in how the program works.
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            I sure don't have an answer to this one. I cannot get mine to find either of my camcorders, a Canon HF10 HD through USB or my Panasonic miniDV through firewire. I have uninstalled and re-installed the software several times with no effect. Once I got connected to the Canon through USB, now only through media downloader which lets me copy the video files, not capture. I had no problems with the Panasonic through firewire using PE 2.0. I upgraded to PE 7 so I can capture and edit the HD. Any ideas?
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Yours is a completely different problem, Wayne. So I'd recommend starting your own thread so we can continue to work with Jeff here.
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                Hey Jeff,
                One question, to start with : Does the Canon camera you use record
                HDV at 1440 x 1080i or 1920 x 1080i resolution? IF IT DOES RECORD at 1440 x 1080i (which is the case with most low-cost consumer camcor-
                ders, that use a 1.333 pixel aspect ratio which creates what is known as anamorphic video), then I should expect that the HDV preset that`s included in PE 7 (I myself use PE 4 and Sony`s HDR HC3), is what you
                need to select, WHEN STARTING A NEW PROJECT, before capturing the
                footage. IF IT DOES RECORD HDV at 1920 x 1080i resolution (which
                sounds too good to be true!), then the above-mentioned resolution
                cannot be chosen, because it`s the preset that is related to came-
                ras (hard-drive or flash-memory based) that use the AVC-HD compre-
                ssion/codec to store video. There are cameras that record HDV video
                (i.e.MPEG-2 compressed) at 1920 x 1080i, but they are considerably
                more expensive than the average consumer ones, and PE 7 does not
                support capturing and editing video from them. That`s why we don`t
                see a "HDV 1920x1080" preset in PE 4 or 7 (if there is indeed such a
                capture preset in PE 7, somebody please correct me). Also, check and ensure inside the Canon settings, that High Definition video IS NOT downconverted to standard definition, as it gets captured to your PC.
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                  Hi Jeff,
                  I've encountered exactly the same problem. New project, change settings, no presets available. Tried re-installs: no change. I do get a splash screen on bootup which suggests that a reduced set of content have been installed and that I should load Content.exe from the install disk. I can't find any such file, and the download site where this content is said to be available,
                  (Adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=101platform=windows)is a 'dead' URL, so that's fairly frustrating. My camcorder is a Panasonic NV-GS320 and shoots in 16:9 ratio, wheras the default setting is 4:3. Let's hope there's a way to solve this. Yours John Mathias
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I do not have PE7, so cannot be certain, but with most Adobe NLE's, the Functional Content (Adobe's name for all of the little "extras") is in a folder with a name like "Goodies." In the default install of these other programs, one has these installed automatically, though can override that, should they not wish them, or not have hard drive room for them. Usually, a Repair Install will load them.

                    In the "good ole days," this material had to be manually installed from the Goodies folder.

                    First thing that I would do is place your install disc into a drive. Cancel out of any installation, and then open Windows Explorer. Navigate to that disc, and do a Search for "Content.exe." If that does not find it, I'd do a Search for "*.exe," just to be sure. Note: you might want to look for "*.com," and "*.bat" if you do not find it in the *.exe search. Look in the Search Folder, and see if you find something similar, or any .exe in a folder with a label like "Goodies," or "Content," or "Functional Content."

                    If you do, it is likely that the .cab file, or whatever, will have to be extracted - no direct copying. I'd make note of any such file and any such folder, re-boot to Safe Mode, insert the disc, navigate to that folder and launch the .exe, or .com, or .bat file.

                    The reason that you probably cannot find the install file via the Web link is that that is used when one purchases the downloadable version of the program. The link is tied into one's computer, so you might be getting kicked out, as you bought the disc.

                    Good luck,

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                      John, go to C:/PROGRAM FILES/ADOBE/PREMIERE ELEMENTS/SETTINGS/EN_US/NTSC (unless you're using PAL).

                      Are there folders full of files there?

                      If not, something is wrong with your installation and you'll need to contact Adobe Tech Support.
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                        Bill, Thanks for that advice, there is a file there AdobePremEl 7.0 templates.msi which did install another whole bunch of templates which, to be honest, I could do without, but unfortunately it didn't install any more presets. Thanks anyway John
                        And, Steve,
                        I've looked in C:\program files\Adobe Premiere 7.0\settings, and hey, there isn't a settings sub folder at all! I'll get onto Adobe Tech Support and see if they can sort something out. I'm PAL BTW, being in London UK. Thanks as always for your help, John
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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Maybe I missed it, but have you tried a Repair Install? Adobe products are pretty good at acessing what might be missing from an installation and usually do a great job of just adding that content, which is missing.

                          Sorry that the Presets were not in the Functional Content. Now I know, and also know that it's an .MSI file. Appreciate you sharing that with me.

                          Good luck,


                          [Edit] I recall seeing some issues with MS Installer, though I think that was for Photoshop. Whatever THAT problem was, MS added a new, updated installer to their site. Could also have been for XP - just do not remember, but might be worth a poke around on the MS site.
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                            Hoorah, I have solved this problem on my machine (Intel Quad core with Vista x64 and 8GB RAM).

                            I sent a support email to Adobe over a week ago but they have not even had the grace to acknowledge receipt. What an amazing way to treat customers that have paid for your product! And that's after providing screen grabs and detailed descriptions of the symptoms.

                            Anyway, to the solution.

                            After many attempts to install, uninstall, repair install etc with UAC turned off, Virus protection turned off and Running everything as Administrator, nothing would yield any Preset choices for new projects.

                            So I did the following:

                            - uninstalled my paid for version

                            - downloaded and installed the Trial version from Adobe.com (670MB download) (I ran the exe to extract the files, stopped it automatically rolling into the Setup routine, right clicked on the msi file in the extracted folder and chose "Install")

                            - Ran the Trial version once - all the presets were available. But I could not activate the Trial with my genuine serial number (?!)

                            - uninstalled the trial version by right clicking on the msi in the extracted folder and choosing "Uninstall" - this removed most of the program but interestingly left behind a few folders in the Program Files (x86)\Adobe Premiere Elements 7 folder, in particular the "Settings" folder and all its sub-folders which is where the Project presets are stored

                            - installed my paid for version by right clicking on the msi file on the DVD and choosing "Install", and entering the serial number at the start of the install routine)

                            Hey presto, I have a fully functioning install with a full choice of presets.

                            I have been careful to describe the exact steps I followed. I suspect that "Installing" the "msi" file has exactly the same effect as running the Setup.exe but I have no interest in going through any more installs/uninstalls to prove it! Interestingly, the "uninstall" right click against the msi to remove the trial version does not throw up any Adobe dialogue boxes - it seems to be a Windows level removal, but it leaves the vital folders behind.

                            I have no idea why the trial version will not let you install the legitimate serial number - the purchased version accepts it but the Trial puts up a red cross when you enter it.

                            I hope this works for others. If someone is willing to try it, it may be as simple as having a fully populated "Settings" folder present. Extracting the contents of "settings.zip" from the Trial download (it's in the CoreTemplates folder) into the following folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0\settings) may be sufficient.
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                              I have the same problem and found the settings files in the trial version. But I don´t find where to put them. I have no "Program Files (x86)..

                              The program is under "Programs". And there is no settings folder, tried to create one and put the files there but i t did not work.

                              I installed the trial earlier but had exactly the same problem.

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                                Mark, You are a genius! I followed your instructions, but just copied the folder 'settings' into Prem Elem 7, and at last there are choices in the "New Project" change settings box.
                                If only Adobe support would ackowledge that there is a problem for many of us who've paid for PE7 and it clearly is not comlete in many cases. All they have to do is make the 'settings' folder available for download. Anyway we now know where to find it thanks to you! Yours John Mathias
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                                  Now I tried to put a Settings folder in the program folder, this time with a capital S in Settings and now I can choose settings in "New Folder". Brilliant!!!

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                                    Thanks for the detailed instructions. I have tried step by step what you said, on my vista machine. it still does not give me any presets :(. out of curiosity, i tried installing the trial version on my laptop running XP. Doing the exact same steps as before on my Vista machine, i was successfull in getting the presets on my XP laptop. It sounds like you run Vista as well, but the only difference is you have the 64-bit version, i run 32-bit. Can it be that Vista is the problem since it works just fine on my laptop?
                                    I still need to figure this out, because my laptop is not equipped to run this program, especially in HD. Maybe I should add another HDD to my desktop and install XP on it? Thats the only thing I can see that would make this work.
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                                      I too am using XP, and I got the following to work. Install the trial version. Next just copy the folder called 'Settings' in the trial version to a safe place (I copied it onto a USB memory stick). Next, uninstall the trial version, and re-install the 'proper' version of PE7. Finally, when the proper version is re-installed, just paste the 'Settings' folder from the (memory stick or wherever you put it)into the PE7 folder which will be in program files. I think the 'Settings' folder is just missing from the installation, and it should not be so, however, this little trick of Mark's does work, do try it. John Mathias
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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9
                                        Don't recall if I mentioned it in this thread, but some newer Adobe programs are having difficulty with an older MS Installer. Most of those problems showed up with Photoshop installs. MS has issued a new version of MS Installer, that is available from the MS Web site. That fixed a lot of install issues with Adobe applications not completely installing.

                                        Though there seem to be several variations of workarounds listed here, as stop by MS might clear up some of the issues, without having to do the trial install, and moving folder about.

                                        Thanks to everyone, who reported workarounds.

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                                          Hi all,


                                          There is an even easier way to do this - avoiding the installation and all that... Just follow the steps below:


                                          1) Download the Premiere Elements 7 trial version from adobe.com (or even better - I have attached the file to this post)

                                          2) Run the extractor but cancel the install-process. Now all installation files are extracted in a folder. In my case I extracted to "\desktop\Adobe Premiere Elements 7"

                                          3) Open the folder '\Adobe Premiere Elements 7\CoreTemplates' with in the folder you extracted to.

                                          4) Extract the file 'settings.zip' to a folder of your choice

                                          5) Now copy the folder (and subfolders) with the same language code of your PRE7 installation (In my case I copied the 'en_US' folder) into the Adobe program folder in a subfolder you name 'Settings'. (In my case running a danish windows the path is 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0\Settings'


                                          When finish you shold have a folder called 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0\Settings\en_US' with subfolders..


                                          And voila - settings is back in the startup window...



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                                            Cyberioten and others,


                                            Genius! Downloaded Cyberioten file in 5 seconds, copied en_Us file, dropped it into a new file i created in the APE folder called Settings and fired up APE7 and hey presto it's there!


                                            Unbeleivably easy and resolved this frustrating issue for me and can now properly edit my HD footage instread of saving it to the previous non HD setting...


                                            Thank you!