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    Possible Pixel Aspect Problem - PE7

      I'm a newbie to video editing.

      Widescreen (16:9) DVDs that I create with Premiere Elements look correct when played on my PC with the Intervideo DVD player but are horizontally scrunched to 4:3 when played with my DVD player on my widescreen TV.

      In brief, the process is

      AVCHD video from a Canon HF11 is imported into Premiere Elements 7 using the AVCHD 1080i Full preset.
      The edited video is then burned to DVD useing PD7 using the Dolby NTSC Wide option.

      I have two PCs which have the Intervideo DVD player installed. The DVD is displayed correctly on those but when I put it in my LG DVD player and play it on my Sony HDTV, I get scrunched 4:3 output.

      Where should I look for the answer to this problem