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      I have tried to install premiere elements 1 on my new laptop. I get to the same point each time then it stops and asks for the font: kozgostd-heavy.otf. I have tried to download this font with little success. the one site where I found the file and downloaded it, it would not install. Windows said it was not a valid font file. what has gone wrong?

      I am running Vista home premiere, AMD Turion x2 cpu with 3gig memory.
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Being an OTF font, my guess is that it is installed with Adobe products. I have it installed, in my OTF folder, with Acrobat, Adobe/Common files, Premiere, Encore and several other places.

          Look on your install disc and see if it's in a folder - might be called "Goodies," or similar. All of mine are 2426KB in size.

          Why Windows will not install the version that you downloaded might point to another issue.

          What version of PrE and also Windows, do you have? What is the size of the OTF file that you are trying to install?

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            Thanks for your help. I have actually managed to install the font now (no idea why it would'nt install earlier!) I have tried to install Pe1 again and now I am getting an error "1305, error reading from file" asking if the tutorial file "cake.AVI" is there and that I can access it. It is and I can but, the only options are: retry or cancel. I click retry and constantly get the same error. Any ideas?
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              Robert J. Johnston Level 3
              Premiere Elements isn't supported on Vista until version 3.0.2.