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    Vista-64, PE7, Adobe (& HP)...

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      I'm posting this for informational purposes:

      As many have noticed it's becoming harder by the day to purchase high end systems without them pre-configured with Vista 64 bit (V-64). In many cases it's only V-64 and V-32 is not even an option.

      As stated here and elsewhere, Adobe does not list V-64 for PE7 as a supported OS, although many end-users have had NO issues with PE and both flavors of Vista (V-32 or V-64).

      As I'm in the market for new hardware, my concern was what happens if I call Adobe for tech support on a registered copy of PE7 running on V-64. Would my issue fall on deaf ears ???

      I called Adobe Tech Support to discuss and here's what I was told:

      Officially Adobe has not certified PE7 under Vista and would not list it as a supported OS without extensive in-house testing. This has not been done, and will not be done for PE7. Official Vista support will be targeted for a future release of PE (which they were not at liberty to discuss).

      If you have a valid purchased copy of PE7 (under warranty) and running V-64, they will work with you in good faith, as they would any Customer to resolve the issue at hand.

      They are aware of many end-users running V-64 and PE7 and to their knowledge, no critical issues (show stoppers) have been brought to their attention (at this point in time). Also keep in mind that all the performance/resource limitations of running a 32 bit app within a V-64 bit OS still apply.

      Some Background Info:

      I'm up at the HP website (www.hpshopping.com) playing with some custom configurations of high end Systems and they all come with V-64, no other option is available. To my surprise one of the optional software packages that can be purchased with these HP systems is Adobe PE7.

      My first reaction to this was this is a website error, or an issue with HP's online configurator.

      When I called HP Tech Support, their position is that ALL optional software offered on any systems HP sells have been extensively tested in-house and they work. The fact that PE7 is offered for sale with the purchase of a V-64 HP System is NOT a mistake (as these systems are built and tested specifically for these types of intense media apps).

      Just thought I'd pass these tidbits along...
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          I am going to keep on using Premiere Elements 4, until Adobe
          finally decides to rewrite the program from the ground-up
          and make it trully Vista-64bit compatible. I`ve got an Intel
          (64bit) quad-core processor, 8GBs of DDR-2 RAM and a WD Raptor
          hard drive with Vista 64bit SP1 installed on it, a sparkling
          clean Registry, 64bit drivers, nothing to interfere with Adobe`s programs, sitting there and waiting. Adobe HAS GOT to realize
          that it`s about time to abandon the 32bit version of PE (or, give
          the consumer the choice of ordering either the 32 or 64bit
          version of it, depending on the processor and the OS availa-
          ble) because everyone`s moving fast forward. AVC-HD video recorded
          at 24Mbit/s may look sweet and gorgeous at a 1920-1080 resolution
          no pixel-shifting alchemies with the lenses and worries about
          display aspect ratio any more), but editing it requires a lot of
          RAM and 64bit computing.
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            Dimitris, I'm in agreement, but as history shows, there is always a lag with software and drivers in support of the advances to hardware and their respective OS.

            Many are finding themselves between a rock and a hard place when it comes to considering new systems. Not everyone has the time or capabilities to install dual boot Operating Systems, or want to run 64 bit hardware with WinXP.

            There's no doubt that Adobe is moving to 64 bit, the problem is that for many it just won't happen as quick as we'd like.

            The fact that PE7 (and PE4) will run with V-64 is all we have right now, and that raises the comfort level for many of us (while we wait for a certified 64 bit version of PE).

            Icing on the cake is when we see a large hardware vendor like HP packaging PE7 with their V-64 Systems...
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              "There`s no doubt that Adobe is moving to 64bit, the problem is that
              for many it hust won`t happen as quick as we`d like".
              Hey, no problem, I can wait until Premiere Elements 10 (when hope-
              fully Adobe`s programmers will have realized that there are no lon-
              ger substantial numbers of 32bit processors on planet Earth, and
              those few that still exist are not used very much for video editing).
              Meanwhile, High Definition video profiles, technical specifications,
              hardware encoders, codecs and software in general get refined ALL to
              the end-user`s benefit. That`s, you and me, who certainly DON`T and
              SHOULD NOT have to get excited about any and every upgrade of the
              program(s) we use, simply because it`s a new version. So, to cut a
              long analysis on competition and marketing strategies short, I will
              simply repeat something that software vendors like to forget :
              If and when, I hear or read REPEATED reports on the Internet and/or
              PC-related magazines that the PE installer targets C:/Program Files BY DEFAULT on a Vista 64bit system (and not C:/Program Files(x86),
              then and only then I will know that PE trully has been optimized for 64bit processors, 64bit Windows Vista and designed to take advantage of the increased amounts of RAM.
              Happy editing to everyone, and don`t get crazy about installing minority codecs and codec packs, weird do-it-all transcoders, and in
              general rubbish that could interfere or wreak havoc with your PC
              and the Adobe applications.
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                I use the 64 bit application of Sony Vegas Pro 8... certainly the editing experience is improved. However, the big downside is that none of my numerous plugins that I have purchased or codecs will work under the 64 bit application. When the vendors get around to producing plugins and codecs in 64 bit format I will no doubt have to buy them all again.
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                  Thanks Paul,
                  I just found out a short while ago, that my posts are not gone.
                  But I wonder WHY THEY ARE NOT VISIBLE. I mean, does anybody
                  seriously believe that I would ever attempt to inflict damage
                  in any shape or form to Adobe Inc. ? If I did not like the
                  company, or did not trust their applications I would not be
                  using them, or browsing and participating the Adobe Forums,
                  would I ? You really have to force yourswelf to dislike Adobe,
                  one of the very top software companies on the planet that
                  produce proven quality and trustworthy programs.
                  When we users are critical about something, it`s only to
                  make Adobe`s C.E.O (and most definitely Product Managers)
                  THINK and start acting towards the right direction - nothing
                  more than that. And most certainly, we do NOT intend to harm
                  Adobe`s financial interest and sales aspirations and goals.
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                    Dimitris, click on "Show all messages"... to see all the posts.
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                      Would a Codec fall under the same guidelines that Microsoft places for Drivers under V-64.

                      The V-64 OS will only install drivers that are signed as 64 bit.

                      Would this apply to Codecs as well. Or would any Codec install under V-64, but it might not work (or screw your system up).

                      There is a way around unsigned drivers at boot up, but rumor has it that it doesn't work very well.

                      The reasoning for signed software drivers was Microsoft's way of putting heat on the vendors who install stuff and mess up the OS...
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                        Anyone care to take a stab at my post above for 32 bit Codecs and Vista-64.

                        My feeling is that V-64 has been around for the better part of a year and the most popular codecs should be available to V-64 (in a 64 bit flavor).

                        I did Google "V-64 codecs" and there is a "Vista Codec Pack" available, and will dig deeper to see what's available within this package...

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                          Paul_LS Level 4
                          I assume 32 bit codecs will work in 32 bit applications under Vista 64 as many folks run PE7 in Vista 64, but 32 bit codecs do not work in 64 bit applications, such as the 64 bit version of Vegas Pro.
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                            Adobe has had more than a year to create a patch for the 64 bit problem, but they have ignored all the requests for the patch. I switched to Sony Vegas 9.0b after trying there demo that works fine in the 64 bit environment.Adobe error.jpg

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                              until Adobe finally decides to rewrite the program from the ground-up and make it trully Vista-64bit compatible.


                              Well, first Adobe needs to decide if the user-base for new PE versions will benefit them spending the money. Coders do not come cheaply. Next, Adobe will have to decide if PE will be 64-bit only, obsoleting every 32-bit OS on the planet, or if they need to also include the 32-bit version in the package.


                              They are sturggling with that problem with regards to PrPro right now. They are doing surveys of the user-base and asking the types of questions to tell them the direction to go with regards to PrPro CS5. I'd guess that the jury might still be out on that one.


                              As PE is based heavily on PrPro code, it is likely that PrPro CS5 will be 64-bit, and maybe 32-bit/64-bit like Adobe's Photoshop is. This might not be the case, however, and it may still be a 32-bit program, or maybe a 64-bit program. As it will have to be rewritten, and possibly from the "ground up," I feel that it will hit first. Given the usual time frame for version upgrades, I would speculate that the next version of PE might well still be 32-bit, until all work on PrPro CS5 is complete. Then, efforts can be directed to PE, should be market research indicate that it will be a good thing.


                              By then, Win7 will be out and probably up to SP1. Adobe will have a better understanding of the requirements for that OS. Remember, it's still in beta. When all things come into alignment: marketing surveys, Win7, PrPro CS5 in whatever form, then PE will go to 64-bit, in one form, or another.


                              I fondly [Not] recall when Adobe went with SSE2 instruction set. All sorts of users screamed, as their CPU's did not support it. Same thing will happen if Adobe goes all 64-bit. The install-base of 32-bit OS users will scream too.


                              What happens is that 1/3 of the users want every new Adobe program to be backwardly compatible with their 386SX computers and Win3.1.1. Another 1/3 want all new Adobe releases to be 100% compatible with Win9 [that is not a typo] and a 128-bit OS and computer. The remaining 1/3 is just happy that things work on their real-world system, and that the program is stable. Now, which 1/3 do you fall into?


                              I'm still using PrPro CS2 and PE4 on a very fast 32-bit workstation, running XP-Pro SP3. I have not ventured into CS4, and do not need anything in PE7. I'll be going to either CS4, or CS5 (when the reports from the field come in) and probably dual i7's running Win7 SP1. Obviously, this will be a major investment, so it'll take a bit of time. Fortunately, that is something that I have a lot of, as everything works perfectly on my current workstation. Guess that I am in that latter 1/3, and happy to be.


                              Good luck,



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                                That error message has nothing to do with Adobe. There will be no "patch" for this, as it is a problem with your specific computer. It lacks the proper CODEC's. Nothing more and nothing less. It is up to the user to install all necessary CODEC's. At one time, all Windows OS's came with most of the necessary ones, and then the NLE program installed others, like the MainConcept MPEG CODEC's. With Vista, MS decided to NOT ship any CODEC's with the OS. They offer a Vista CODEC pack on the MS site. I'd first suggest that you install that.


                                Next, you should G-Spot to find out which CODEC's are still required and Google them. Install those and you'll probably be good to go.


                                Remember - just because a particular CODEC is installed, does not mean that any NLE can edit it. In many cases it can, but in others it just cannot. These are most likely "delivery" CODEC's, and never meant for editing. They allow properly equipped players to decode the files, and play them, but that is all. In essence, if you wish to edit, do not use a delivery CODEC on the file.


                                Besides playing, those CODEC's will allow conversion programs to convert to an editable CODEC. Convert before you try to Import.


                                Now if the Sony product is working for you, chances are good that it contained enough of the missing CODEC's and installed them on your system. If so, then PE should be able to work with most of those too. See above for exceptions.


                                Good luck, and it sounds like you need to go get the proper CODEC's.