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    High Quality Wide Screen for YouTube - PLEASE HELP!

      I am using a Panasonic PV-GS400 camera in wide-screen mode (this is another topic, but the camera still outputs 720 x 480 video, my understanding is that it is called "anamorphic wide screen"). I had figured out some settings to get my videos to appear in "High Quality" mode, wide screen (16:9) in YouTube, but the last couple of times I have tried these settings, they didn't work. Here's what I used:

      - Windows Media 856 x 480 frame size
      - Frame rate 29.97kbps
      - Pixel aspect ratio - square (1.0)
      - 2 encoding passes

      I got the 856 x 480 ratio from another website. I don't really understand why the pixel aspect ratio needs to be square, but when I tried 16:9 aspect ratio, the video is letterboxed. I also don't understand the two different project modes for PE7 (when creating a new project you can choose the format 4:3 or 16:9). Maybe someone can explain how the widescreen project setting works. Perhaps it is something similar to how my camera does widescreen but the videos are still 720 x 480.

      At any rate, if someone has settings that will reliably produce wide screen videos that appear in YouTube's "high quality" mode, I'd appreciate it! Thanks.