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    dvd cannot be read

      Maybe this is a problem with my dvd camcorder (canon dc210) but sometimes I cannot get adobe elements to copy dvd files. I go to download media and it just sits there and then an error comes up and says cannot obtain files from dvd

      I also cannot copy the .vob files to desktop, folder etc.

      Anybody run into this problem?
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If you cannot copy the .VOB's to the Desktop, it likely points to a problem with either your drive (or its setup in Windows), or to the media.

          Can you Play these files with a DVD software player from your drive? Can you Play these files in a set-top player?

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            Robert J. Johnston Level 3
            One thought is has the disc been finalized?
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              apfurste Level 1
              I can play the dvd in my dvd player, on my computer etc. But, when I go to import the media from elements it wont work nor will it when I copy the .vob files to my computer. It has happened a couple times before and I just want to know what can cause this with my canon dc210. I can play the disc but cant copy the files? Actually its just one .vob file. Also, the disc has been finalized. Thanks for your help.
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                Robert's point is important, Andrew. If you want Premiere Elements to copy and edit the DVD, it must be finalized in your camcorder.

                Also, when you say that the VOB file won't play on your computer -- what program are you trying to play it with?
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                  apfurste Level 1

                  I believe the problem lies within the finalizing the disc with the DC210 camcorder.

                  The disc plays fine on dvd player and computer but files cannot be copied.
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                    Typically, if the disc was not finalized correctly, the computer would not recognize the disc at all, let alone play it correctly.

                    What's unusual is the fact that your computer will play it, but you can't copy the VOB's via something as simple as the File Manager.

                    I'd try a new disc in the cam.

                    Format it, run some test video, then finalize.

                    If you have a read/writable disc (-RW), it's an easy test without creating a coaster...
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                      Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                      Has anyone used ISOBuster?


                      You might be able to retrieve the VOB file with this utility.
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                        apfurste Level 1
                        First, I want to thank everybody for the help.

                        Robert- I have tried isobuster to extract the file and there is an error saying bad sector. What I dont understand is that I can play the dvd fine. Wierd.

                        Does anybody know about a program that you can record the dvd while it plays? I had a program but couldnt get it to work correctly.

                        Still cant figure it out! Oddest thing....it has to be the canon dc210 formatting/finalizing it incorrectly.
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                          Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                          I've used Fraps and AVS DVD Player.

                          See this thread on Muvipix:

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                            apfurste Level 1

                            I did try camstudio today but the video was very poor. Not bad though for other projects that dont rely on video quality and it is easy to use.

                            I will look at what you suggested and get back to you.
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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              This is a shot in the dark, but if you can Play the DVD, then try to make a byte-for-byte Copy of it with Nero/Roxio/whatever.

                              I've had CD/DVD's with bad sectors, that defied much of what I attempted to do. However, when I made a copy of the disc, it played and worked fine. Might be worth a try.

                              Good luck,

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                                Level 1
                                Actually, I've had the same problem. My step mother gave me 3 holiday DVDs to edit for her, all recorded on her new camcorder. All are listed as finalized. All 3 will play beautifully all the way through on my desktop, laptop, dvd player and blu ray player. However, I had a HECK of a time copying the main VOB file to my computer off of all of the disks. I've tried a total of 5 DVD drives. I managed, after careful cleaning, to get the files off of two of the, but one just will not work. I get a file error every time. But it still plays perfectly.

                                Trying the disc copy method to resolve this now, but i wanted to point out that this is happening to someone else!