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    Get Media - Freeze

      I wonder if anyone can help me please.

      I am working with Adobe Elements 4 on Windows Vista. I have used it extensively and have not had a problem until now.

      For one project only, when importing media using "get media" into the project, the programme hangs and I have to use the task manager to quit the task and close the programme.

      I have tried opening the avi's with Pinnacle Studio 9 and Quicktime and they work perfectly. I have opened a new project and tried to import and that doesn't work. I have also copied the avi's into a new folder and tried to import from there but that won't work either.

      On other projects however it's working fine. It appears maybe it's to do with the avi's I'm trying to import. However as I have said, they play perfectly in other programmes, and were run into avi's from raw video using the same programme as I have done with all my other projects.

      If anyone could help I would be very grateful,

      Thank you
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          What format are the clips? You say AVI but this covers a large number of codecs. If you do not know the "type" use GSpot to find out.

          Depending on the AVI type you could try converting them to DV-AVI using Windows MovieMaker. DV-AVI "plays" flawlessly with PE4.
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            Level 1
            Hi Paul, and thanks for looking at my problem.

            I've used GSpot to find out the codec type. The AVIs in question are MJPG. GSpot says the codecs are correctly installed.

            Any ideas why they might not be working in Adobe?

            Many thanks,
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              Paul_LS Level 4
              Premiere Elemenst can have issues with MJPEG files. Usually re-installing an MJPEG codec will resolve the problem. You could try this free one:

              Otherwise you can open the file in Windows Movie Maker and export it as a DV-AVI that wil be compatible with PE4.
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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                If the MPJPEG CODEC that Paul linked to still does not work, the MainConcept (not free, but not expensive either) has been working well for a lot of folk. Link

                I normally recommend the Morgan MJPEG CODEC, but it seems that some cannot get it to work well in Premiere.