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    Hello Bill, Woo tis seems sooo complicated to me

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      Hello Bill, Woo tis seems sooo complicated to me. I note that you are explaining PE4. Have you done this on PE7? Because so far I have found the Moving Gaussian Blur, at least, to be different to PE4.... SEE this is the problem that keeps comming up. I keep asking how to do a moving blur on PE7 and all I get again and again, is how to do a moving blur on PE4 or pro which I know is different. Im even getting advice on how to do on PE3 And going buy results so far I'd bet PE3 is different. HAVE ANY OF YOU PEOPLE USED PE7 ????? you ARE "ASSUMING" IT IS THE SAME, AND YOUR ASSUMPTION IS INCORRRECT ! Are PE4 And PE3 the older versions ???Because I wish I had them, Then I would be able to do a moving blur, I found 6 weeks ago, a very simple explanation on how to do a moving blur on PE4. PE7 IS DIFFERENT! PE7 seems to be not as good as the older versions. Because I just cant get it to work, ITS A DIFFERENT PROCEDURE At the least, or it cant be done, could someone just please tell me how to do on elements 7. Please stop refering to 3, 4 or pro, because it just dosent work the same way at best, or at worset it dosent work at all.
      I did find some stuf on other forums that make sence to me, its a serious bug, that explains everything. Its seems their might be a way to do this, heaps more to read in forum, but MY GOD it is compliicated and requires additional software? Ive just briefed through it have to study more and more and more before can say for sure if do need software. But MY GOD, common adobe why so complicated, Just simplyfy and or tell us the facts, is your programe full of bugs ??? Can we do a moving blur on elements 7 ??? Hey some of us are trying to do this for work You know, were not all doing family photos. Should I or can I find more effeciant editing programes on the market? Should I start looking. maybe yes!
      Sincerely Dale
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          Steve & Robert,

          While the message is up, I'll attempt to make some statements that are germane to the issue.


          No, I have not done this in PE7. Actually, it is based on an article for Pr 6.5, that was slightly adapted to PrPro2. I modifyied it from the original purpose, to soften skin tones, and made some changes that reflected makeing it a highlight, rather than a Gaussian Blur (though the inverse could be used to Blur the "background.") Then, I worked it through in PE4, which is the only version of PE, that I have ever dealt with. The translation from PrPx to PE was quite simple, though the interface had been changed considerably.

          Often, one must adapt from program to program and version to version. To me, that's a bit of the fun of NLE work. I've taken tutorials for AVID, FCP and others, and found out how to do these things in PrP2, my main NLE.

          Now, if you can tell me what differences you found when trying to apply this to PE7, I'll be glad to re-work it and post an update. Though I do not own, and have not used PE7, it should not be too hard to do it "on paper."

          Please outline what you did, and what did not work for you. Be as specific, as you can. The more detail you furnish, the easier it will be for me to do this. It cannot be that difficult, and we're probably only dealing with naming conventions, or the exact location of an icon, or a feature. I need your assistance in this, and will be grateful for any help that you can offer. If you can be my "eyes," I'll be your "fingers," and we can update with a PE7 addendum.

          To directly answer your question: No, I have not done this in PE7. No, I do not use PE7. Heck, if it becomes impossible to do the translation to PE7, without it, I'll purchase it and use it to do the tutorial again. I even have Steve's book on PE7, so I have a co-pilot handy (thanks Steve).

          I know that you are frustrated with this, but just take a breath, and start making notes. I'll follow your notes, and we'll get this thing hammered out. It cannot be that different, or that difficult.

          Maybe Steve, with his entrusted powers, can break this off and start a new thread. I promise to follow along and take my cues from you and your work. Then, I'll add an addendum to this thread, to benefit the entire community. After all, that is one of the main purposes of this forum - helping others get the most out of their program.

          Since this tutorial started with a version of Premiere that was long gone, and not even named "Pro," though it translated, with but a few changes, to PrP2 and also PE4, it will not be hard. I just need your help, and since you have done the tutorial, without positive results, you are the best person to help me. Would you be so kind?


          PS feel free to e-mail me your steps, and what worked - what did not. My e-mail is in my profile on the Adobe forum.