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    Splitting clips in Premere Elements 7

      I am having trouble splitting a clip. I recently upgraded from PE 4 to PE 7. I want to split the clip to move the right clip over and add a still image. When I do a select all and then group, the images are grouped together, but when I hit the clip icon, both sides of the grouped slides are still grouped. It says it cut the clip in history, but I can't move the split frames. I still have PE 4 on my computer, so I tried that and got the same results. I am really baffled because it worked fine before loading PE 7. Am I forgetting something or is it not working.
      Thanks for the help.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          To split a clip or clips, position the CTI where you want the split to occur and click on the scissors icon on the Monitor panel. This will split all selected clips at the CTI's position.

          To move or remove part of those clips, you need to de-select the group of clips. Click on one clip or on a blank spot of the timeline. Then select only the clip you want to slide aside and move them.
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            FGx Level 1
            I think your problem is caused by "the select-all" and "group" commands.
            Do not group your clips. Split the designated clip.
            You can move the right part further to the right now to make room for the images you want to insert.
            (While typing this, Steve already posted essentially the same reply).
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              Hi Bob,

              Although Steve and Felix have already answered your question, I am providing some simplified points to you incase you didn't understand them

              1) Drag the clip (which you want to split) to the timeline.
              2) Bring the CTI to the position where you want to split the clip
              3)Press 'Ctrl + k' to split the clip at that position and then click somewhere on the blank timeline (to unselect all the selections)
              4) Now select the right part of the splitted clip and move it further to the right. This way you will be able to create space for the images which you want to insert.

              I hope you wont have any doubts remaining after this :)
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                sweattb Level 1
                Thanks for the help. I think my problem stems from primarily using still images. When I split the VIDEO clips that are in my timeline, it does split the clip and I can edit it (move ,fade in, out etc.), but doing a select all and "GROUP" doesn't seem to work when I cut the clip even though all images, video clips, titles, naration, sound track etc. are shown as being selected. To do the edit that I wanted (split the clip and move it to the right to insert more still images), I made the timeline smaller and then selected everything to the right of the CTI. This way I was able to move everything. So, is a split limited to only a video clip?
                For some reason the post new topic button is not showing today so I have a new question. I burned my completed project to a DVD using NTSC but when I tried burning another disc using PAL, I got a "transcoding error". Any ideas?
                Thanks again
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  Splitting should apply to all of the clips you have selected on the timeline. Although you don't want to group these clips. You just want to have them all selected (by holding the Ctrl key and clicking to select each or by dragging across the timeline to "lasso" them).

                  "Splitting" isn't technically defined when working with still photos, Bob, because, unlike video, still photos just are. They have no duration other than what you set, so you can't really split them.

                  By the way, if you simply want to insert some stills into your timeline, just set the CTI (playhead) at the point where you want to insert and then drag the stills down to the timeline. It should split your timeline and insert your stills automatically.