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    APE4 Narration Audio Problem

    Phil.com Level 1
      I am trying to track down a problem I am having trying to add narration to a program.

      When I try to record a narration the Current Time Indicator line starts to shudder. It like studders. No audio gets recorded, although a blank audio clip gets laid down, and the program shudders after the narration window is closed. I have tried two Mics in two different audio/mic inputs. I close the program with out saving and it is fine when I re open it.

      I assume the shuddering should be some indication as to what's going on.


      Cheers! Phil
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Make sure you've got the latest firmware for your audio card. You'll likely need to go to the card manufacturer's (not your computer manufacturer's) site to download the latest.

          Also, in Premiere Elements, go to the Edit tab and select Preferences. Go the Audio Hardware and click on the ASIO settings button to make sure those settings are correct.

          Finally, if all that fails to fix the problem, it could be a hardware problem. What are your computer specs and how much free space is left on your hard drive?
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            Phil.com Level 1
            I went and got the latest driver, 1/9/09, for my sound card. I had to get it from the computer manufacturer because the host site for the card manufacturer did not seem to make it easy to find the correct driver.

            I did find some volume settings for my sound card that I set to a reasonable level.

            I was able to record using the MS Record feature.

            The ASIO screen shows my audio card as the input devide.

            I havw 94GB free on my hard drive.

            You have already confirmed the I have a very powerful computer from another post.

            None of the above cured the problem

            Cheers! Phil
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Sorry, Phil. I don't have a solution for you.
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                Phil.com Level 1
                Thanks Steve. I learned a lot just doing the things you suggested.

                Cheers! Phil
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                  Susan Verner Level 1

                  I am having a problem which may or may not be related but it has never happened to me before. I burned a slide show with music in PE4 to a DVD. I played it on my computer, and on my tv through my dvd player and everything is fine (as it has been dozens of times). Yesterday I gave a DVD to a friend and she tried to play it at home on two different dvd players and got no audio. Anything you can tell me would be very helpful.

                  Susan Verner
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    First, no DVD set-top player is required by spec. to play ANY burned DVD. Most do, and without many issues.

                    To insure the greatest compatibility with set-top players, there are basically three things to consider:

                    1.) set a bit-rate that is around 7-7.5 MB/sec.. Yes, the DVD specs all for much higher, but that is for the combined Audio & Video, including the peaks.
                    2.) use the best media possible. Taiyo Yuden, and Verbatim are as good as it gets. Falcon, US only, has been getting very high recs.
                    3.) burn at the slowest speed that your media and your burner will allow. This is a problem with PE, as it does not allow you to adjust the speed of the burn. One workaround is to Burn to a folder, and then use ImgBurn, etc. to Burn the DVD at a lower speed.

                    Now, it appears that your set-top player does a good job. You are nearly home there. It could be that your friend's player does not handle R-, or R+ very well. What form did you use? What media did you use (see #2 above)? What program did you use for the actual Burn?

                    The answers to these questions could go a long way towards troubleshooting the exact cause, and provide you with a possible answer. Remember, no DVD set-top player is required to play any burned DVD. Your friend might have one of those, which just do not.

                    I test on four different players: one very high-end unit, one upper-middle unit, and then two low-end units of different ages and mfgr. If it plays on all four, I stand a good chance of not having any recalls, but there are some players that just flat will not play burned DVD's.

                    Considering that your friend got the Video, but not the Audio, I need to ask what format the Audio was Transcoded to. In the US, the spec. allows for PCM/WAV and DD AC3 as main Audio only. DTS is optional. In UK/Europe, MPEG Audio is an additional "optional" format.

                    Also, some set-top players will handle DivX, MPEG, WMV and a few other encoding schemes, but most will not.

                    Good luck,

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                      Susan Verner Level 1
                      Hi Bill--

                      Thanks for responding so quickly! (And just yesterday I was thinking it had been months since I'd had to ask for help!)

                      I am using Sony DVD-R media and burning to DVD in PE4. I'm not sure what format the Audio was transcoded to. I added mp3 music to my slideshow in Photoshop 6 before outputting to PE4.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        If you did the Burn from PE, I feel comfortable in saying that the Audio was either PCM/WAV, or DD AC3. Adobe programs are very, very strict with the DVD-specs. (a good thing in my book). I do not know if PE allows one to choose, or if the program defaults to (probably) AC3, because it can compress better and allow more space on the DVD for the Video at a higher quality. Still, I'd say that your Audio was within the DVD-specs. and it does play on most devices.

                        PE does not allow one to adjust the Burn speed, but does a pretty fair job of determining the max Burn speed, based on the media used and the burner's capability and then backing off slightly. I still like to Burn at 2x, but need another program to do so.

                        The Sony media seems an adequate choice. Some set-top players, however, get finicky with R- and R+ media. Much less so nowadays, but there are many that will balk at one vs the other. You might try with R+ for your friend's particular player. Since you have gotten the intended results with most devices, it seems that the problem is getting it to work in one particular set-top player. One test would be to play a commercial DVD in your friend's player as a test. All set-top players with the "DVD" logo MUST play commercial stamped DVD's. Maybe there is a setting off on that one player?

                        To paraphrase A. Lincoln's line: "you can Burn a DVD that will play in some of the players, all of the time. You can Burn a DVD that will play in all of the players some of the time, but you cannot Burn a DVD that will play in all of the players all of the time... "

                        Good luck, and let us know if you can solve the mystery of your friend's player. This happens quite often with Burned DVD's.

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                          Susan Verner Level 1
                          Thanks so much, Bill. I will let you know how it shakes out. I do have a feeling that there is some setting which is off on the DVD player and/or the tv.

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                            Susan Verner Level 1

                            Happy to report it was user error! There was nothing wrong with the DVD. One of the many cables for her tv set-up was plugged into the wrong port, which we discovered trying to play a commercial DVD.

                            Thanks for the suggestions.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              That is great news.

                              Thanks for reporting back and for sticking with the troubleshooting. Glad that it was noting with your setup, or your DVD.