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    inability of dvd disc to play on other computers

      After burning a disc using premiere elements 2.0 it will not play in other computers.
      It will play on stand alone dvd players with a tv. but not on computers
      Why?? Am I missing something in the process?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          The software would have nothing to do with the disc won't play.

          It could be a faulty disc. But, since it plays on a DVD players, it's more likely that it's an incompatible format for your other computers.
          (A DVD+R won't work in a DVD-R drive, for instance.) Or maybe that your other computer only has a CD, not a DVD drive.
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            Barb__O Level 4
            If the computer where playback failed does have a drive that can read DVDs of the type that you burned, what DVD player software is on the computer where playback failed?

            I suggest that you post a description of how you are attempting to play this DVD on the computer where it fails.
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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I see that you found the PE forum.

              As I mentioned in the PrP forum, it is likely that the computers do not have DVD software players. If they do, then it might be that Autorun is off on the multi-drives. I have mine turned off on my workstation. If there IS a DVD software player available, you might need to navigate with it, to the multi-drive. Cyberlink's PowerDVD needs this for me. If I pop in a DVD, nothing happens. I open PowerDVD and point it to the multi-drive with the DVD, and it plays fine.

              If your DVD's play on set-top players fine, you have a good DVD. You need to explore those computers to see what they have, or do not have. Many computers do not come with DVD software players installed.

              Good luck,