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    Importing .avi files in Premiere Elements 3.0 that go unrecognized

      When I import .avi files created by a Helmet Go Pro camera, the .avi files do not get recognized. The first .avi clip will be recognized, but the second or third clip are not. When hitting the properties tab under each clip, the recognized file shows a 32 pixel depth and a histogram, but the others show 0 pixel depth and no histogram. Saving the file and returning leads to all clips being unrecognized (they do not play back-and the icon is just grey rather than a frame of the clip) Opening the app first did not help. All updates are downloaded. My only workaround is importing one clip, rendering it to an MPEG, then reading the MPEG into a longer storyline. I can't halp but think the video loses resolution using this workaround. Any suggestions? thank you.