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    Menu problems with widescreen

      I'm new to Premiere Elements using v7. When I create a DVD as widescreen I have two problems:
      * When playing in my A/V DVD players, two buttons are always highlighted
      * 4:3 Menus are stretched (tested with 'Countdown' and 'Aquarium')

      I tried updating and it appears I have the latest version. When I create a DVD as standard 4:3, I don't have either problem. I have tried creating projects as widescreen and 4:3, creating widescreen DVDs in both cases with same results.

      Are these known problems? Are there widescreen menus available? I'm mostly concerned about the button issue. Are there work arounds?

      I found a posting for the button issue, but no response:
      I would think someone else would have run into this problem as well...