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    Burning 2 projects to a DVD

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      In Adobe PE4 Help, it says "If you want to place multiple movies on a DVD, you need to create a single project with all of the movie clips assembled on the Timeline."

      I've spent hours in Help and in related Forum threads online without finding the answer to my (should be very simple) question: With one project open, exactly *how* do you bring the edited video and audio of another project into the Timeline of the first project?

      (My system info isn't relevant to the question, but I'm running PE4 on a Dell 3000, XP Home, with 1GB RAM and tons of available disk space on a 1TB ext. hard drive.)
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          the_wine_snob Level 9
          In PE you must first Export the Project of choice as DV-AVI and then Import that into the other Project. You could Export both Projects as DV-AVI and then Import both, should you have a reason to do so.

          PrPro will allow you to Import Projects into other Projects, but to PE.

          Note: if you are going to do the Export to DV-AVI, make sure to complete all of your edits in the initial Project (the one you will Export from), as re-cutting an assembled DV-AVI can get a bit dicey. For instance should you wish to re-do a Transition in the DV-AVI, you'll have to cut the tail of the first Clip and the head of the next, to get adequate Handles to apply most Transition. All Handles from your original Clips will not be in the Exported DV-AVI. You CAN edit, but just not in the way you could, when you had the original Clips. If you've finished editing, you are good to go.

          Good luck,

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            Thanks Bill. That looks like the answer I needed. Mindful of your advice to be very sure I'm through editing Project A (the one I'll Export from), I'll try this in a couple of days with two 3-min videos.

            That's it for now, unless anyone else has supplemental info or another way to write 2 projects to one DVD.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              All you need to do is put both projects on the same timeline and then use Stop Markers to break them up. Your viewer will link to each and return to the main menu after each plays -- essentially giving the illusion of having two separate projects.

              My free Steve's Tips article on DVD markers tells you how. It's available on the Muvipix.com products page.