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    unlinking sound & video

      Well, I have had PE.2 for a few years now and very useful it is. However while it can do many things other entry level programs can't, it cannot import a dvd movie (MPEG2) without recoding it to DV avi which means you lose a bit of quality. To combat this I bought the MainConcepts plug in, which enables me to edit my project, then export it with Smart Rendering for another application (MyDVD) to burn the disc. Now then; with the project I'm doing now, I've repeated the procedure but couldn't get the Smart rendering to work, so tried to do the whole thing in VideoWave, then MYDVD and low and behold, it is in perfect sync on the PC, but the resultant DVD is out of sync. Unlike Prem EL, with videowave you cannot separate the sound and image to adjust the sync. (Prem EL being the better program anyway).

      If the sync wasn't misbehaving then the Roxio approach would mean that there would be much less burn time (Prem El needing about five hours for a two-hour movie due to all the scratch files etc). Roxio Videowave seems to be able to work with many many codecs and happily burns you an MPEG project quickly, without changing the codec as the disc burns.

      With Prem EL 2.0 you can't burn a disc from an MPEG source without the picture changing its sheen.

      I don't suppose Prem EL 7 has an increased amount of native codec ability does it?

      If not, I eagerly await the day when A version of prem-el comes out that can merrily work with MPEG, without the need to buy a plug in.

      Until that day arrives, know you of a cheap MPEG friendly editor that lets you alter the sync?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          All versions of Premiere Elements use a DV-AVI workflow, and they can not smart render or edit MPEGs natively. Sorry, Mike.

          The program I'd recommend seems to the one you're already using -- MyDVD. It's probably the best combination of MPEG editor and smart-rendering DVD creator I know of.