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    DVD Icons have disappeared

      Hi. I am having a problem with Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0. If I want to make a DVD I choose The DVD selection at the top right side of the program editor. It is possible to add Scenes to the DVD. You can also add menu buttons to a DVD. However, no matter what template I choose to use The menu button and backward forward buttons at the bottom of the Main Menu template has vanished. I have unloaded the software and reloaded it, however the problem still exists. In addition, some of the icons located next to choices such as play movie, scenes, credits, behind the scenes, have also vanished. I was using the editor for a long time with out any problems. Then, the menu button and backward/forward button on the main menu DVD template vanished. These buttons are still located on the scene menu of the DVD template. These button also appear on the DVD template when I am making my selection, however when I choose a template and choose to preview my DVD these buttons are missing. Can you please help me to solve this problem?

      I have uninstalled Adobe Premiere elements 2.0 and reinstalled it. however, I still have the same problem, the DVD icons for menu and backward forward on the main menu DVD template are gone.

      Nathaniel Sefcik
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Not every button that appears on a template will appear on the final menu. Only those buttons that are relevant will appear.

          In other words, if you only have a one-page main menu (as you usually will) you won't have a backward and forward button on this menu. Just a link to the scene menu (which will include, a minimum, a back button to the main menu).

          Also, if you have no main menu markers in your video, you'll have no links to markers on the main menu.

          I'm not sure what you mean by "some of the icons located next to choices such as play movie, scenes, credits, behind the scenes, have also vanished."
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            If you are still reading this forum, let me begin by saying thanks. What I mean by "some of the icons located next to choices such as play movie, scenes, credits, behind the scenes, have also vanished," is that in some templates there are graphics located next to each menu option, such as a swirl or a colorful ball. Those icons no longer show up when I preview a DVD. However, those icons do show up when I am selecting a DVD.

            Mostly I have not changed a thing about a particular video project I am working on. In the first instance the menu button with backward/forward selection at the bottom of the template appeared when I previewed the DVD. Now the icons at the bottom have vanished. Only those three buttons have disappeared. I have not changed the project itself, it just happened that the buttons disappeared un a third or fourth viewing of the project.

            Thanks for you help. I know there is not much you can do, but you support is great. Thanks,

            Nathaniel Sefcik
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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              If you mean, what I think you mean, those "icons" are the Sub-picture Highlights. When a Menu is in use, these are usually "hidden." When one previews the Menu, prior to using it (viewed basically in the Library), the Sub-picture Highlights are shown to let you see what they will look like.

              When a Menu is on the DVD, these are nearly always turned off. They show up, when the user navigates to their assoiciated Button. That is the way that they are supposed to work.

              To get "under the hood" a bit, each Menu is a Layered Photoshop .PSD file. Since it is a Menu, there are certian Layer naming conventions, that must be observed. These allow PE, or Encore or DVD Architect to use the .PSD images and have them function per the DVD-specs.

              If you were to Open one of these files in Photoshop (or any image editor, that supports the full PSD format), you'd see a series of Layer Sets, each one representing a Button on the Menu. They have specific naming conventions that MUST be used. You'll see names with "(+) in front of them and these are named so for a good reason. Never change these names, unless you know exactly what you are doing and have a good reason to do so. Things will go pear-shaped in a hurry!

              If you open up one of these, you will see more Layers below, with possibly Text, and Highlights, plus some Shapes in many cases. These are the active elements of the Button. Notice the Layer that is titled "(=1) highlight." [Might be =2, or =3]. If you look at the far left column in the Layers Palette, you will notice that the "eyeball" is off. That is how it is supposed to be. That Layer will ONLY be visible, when the user navigates to that Button, to indicate that they are over a Button and it's active.

              What you see in the Library is these Sub-picture Highlights in their ON, or selected state, to get an idea of what the Sub-picture Highlights will look like to the user, who will only ever see one at a time.

              Unlike all other elements in a Menu, there are special restrictions on Sub-picture Highlight Layers. They can only be 2-bit, and one of three colors, plus Transparency (think just the opposite of Opacity). No more than that, and the colors (remember limited to 3) are set in the Menu's Color Set, which is not accessible from within Photoshop, only from an authoring program.

              When you test your DVD and its Menu, you should see each of these "icons" appear, as the navigational tool selects each Button. On a computer, that would most likely be your mouse. On a set-top player the navigation with the remote control.

              I hope that this helps you, and that I am correct in the definition of "icons."

              If you want some technical reading on Sub-picture Highlights, I can furnish you with some links to good articles on them. Unless one is designing their own Menus, however, this is not something that they really need to bother with, as the Menu Templates have been designed with all of this info in mind.

              Good luck,

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                Thanks, Nathaniel.

                If you're saying that the highlights don't show up as you navigate your menu page, I'm not sure what the solution is.

                Is this true with every template or only that particular one? It could be a problem with that particular template's design.
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                  Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                  Have you been working in the same project all this time? What happens if you start a new project and add the menus?
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                    On evey template I am still having this problem disappearing backward/forward button on the main menu DVD template. I did open a template in adobe photoshop and changed some of the addresses on the template. I wanted to customize a template by combining certain layout features from two different templates. I tried to cut and past one of the ( higlight =1) on one template to another. This is the point at which the problem first occured in adobe premiere elements 2.0. Now, I can no longer view the backward/forward menu button on the main menu of a DVD template. However, these buttons do appear on the scene menu templates, just not the main menu template. These buttons shown up on a DVD template when I am scrolling through all of the different selections, but in the editor when I choose one the buttons are gone. And it is only the backward/forward button on the main menu DVD template. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, so I do not think I made a problem when I first opened the template in photoshop.
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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      My guess is that you have modified your PE Template in Photoshop. Always work with a Copy of the Template, and do a Save_As. I use the term "Template," because of the way that PE handles these Menus, and because of the automation that it brings into play (more on the automation below).

                      If you wish to copy Buttons, from one Menu to another, you MUST copy over the Button's Layer Set (the entire Layer Set), which can be modified later. The easiest way to do this is to have a Copy of your two Menus opened in Photoshop, and placed on your screen where you can see both documents. Select the Menu that you wish to copy the Button from. Click on that particular Layer Set and drag the entire Layer Set to the other document. If you want the approximate location, as with the source Menu, hold down Shift, while dragging.

                      The newly copied Button will appear on your destination Menu. Now, you can re-size it (Ctrl-t, Free Transform works well), or change its position, via the Move Tool.

                      Because of the way that PE automates the Menu process, I'd strongly urge you to make a Copy of each the Main Menu and the Scene_Selection Menu in each set. Rename these copies, using the same naming conventions as you find in PE. Place them into the same sub-folder, from where you did the Copy of each of your Menus. For instance, we'll look at the General>Camera Menus. For 4:3 DV, they are "camera menu_pal_s_mm.psd" (Main Menu) and "camera menu_pal_s_sm.psd" (Scene Selection Menu). Were I to modify these two Menus, I'd name the Main Menu "camera menu_pal_s_mm_hunt.psd" and the Scene Selection Menu "camera menu_pal_s_sm_hunt.psd." If you have modified the actual Template, you may need to find an unaltered copy and replace that Template with a clean one. PE needs to find the Templates in a form that it can handle, because of its automation (below). Careful consideration MUST be made for all conventions in these Templates. In Photoshop, open one up and study it very, very carefully. Open up all Layer Sets, to get an understanding of exactly what is required and how it MUST be done. While one can make alterations, the "rules of the game" MUST be followed, or you'll end up with Templates that do not work.

                      Also remember, that PE will automatically delete any Buttons that are not called for by your DVD setup, i.e. not all possible Buttons will appear in PE, if they are not used. PE also establishes the number of Chapter Buttons and the number of Scene_Selection Menus, that are required by the number of Chapter Markers that you have. PE will also automatically show you Menus that are appropriate for your Project settings and will adapt PAL to NTSC, depending on how you have established Project Preset. Because of this automation, you need to have your Project set up correctly, before the application of the Menus. Some changes might well update the Menu structure, but I'd be very close, before I added the Menus. That keeps things simple. Since I do all of my authoring in another progarm, Adobe Encore, I never worry about either the automation, or establishing my navigation in my NLE program. While the automation is nice for simple Projects, it can be confining with more intricate ones, hence my reliance on Encore.

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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                        As I said early on, there will be no backward or forward buttons on a main menu unless you have several pages of main menus -- which, unless you've got links to lots of main menu (not scene menu) markers on your timeline, you won't have.
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                          Prior to this problem there were backward/forward buttons on the main menu. And having not changed anything about my project I am left to wonder about what happened to those buttons.
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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            If you have one Main Menu, you will not get a Backward Button. If you only have one Main Menu, you will not get a Forward Button, only a Scene Select Menu Button.

                            If you had 3 Main Menus, you'd get the following:

                            Main Menu #1 - Forward Button only
                            Main Menu #2 - Forward and Backward Button
                            Main Menu #3 - Backward Button only

                            If you had a Main Menu and only 1 Scene Selection Menu, you'd get a Main Menu (choose above), and only a "Main Menu" Button (plus the Chapter selection Buttons) on it.

                            If you had a Main Menu, and 3 Scene Selection Menus, you'd get a Main (choose above) and the following:

                            Scene Selection Menu #1 - Main Menu Button, plus Chapter Selection Buttons and a Forward Button
                            Scene Selection Menu #2 - Main Menu Button, plus Chapter Selection Buttons and a Forward and a Back Button
                            Scene Selection Menu #3 - Main Menu Button, plus Chapter Selection Buttons and a Back Button

                            Does this make sense? PE alters the Buttons to reflect the number and type of Menus that one has. All Menus will not exhibit all possible Buttons, but only the ones needed.