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    Premiere Elements 7: Toggle Take Audio and Video

    A.T. Romano Level 7
      In Premiere Elements 2, when you dragged a video/audio clip into the "Clip" section of the Monitor, there was an icon at the bottom right of the Monitor named "Toggle Take Audio and Video". There were three variations from using that icon, just video dragged from Monitor "Clip" section, just audio dragged from Monitor "Clip" section or video and audio dragged from the Monitor 'Clip" section. At times, a Shift + S could be used in place of clicking that icon under the Monitor.

      In Premiere Elements 4 and 7, I see no such icon for the intended use of just taking video without its audio to the Premiere Elements Timeline. If you go to Premiere Elements 4 or 7, Edit Menu/Keyboard Shortcuts/Application/Help, there is a shortcut there for "Toggle Take Audio and Video", "Take Video", and "Take Audio". If I use Shift +S for any one of them, I cannot get them to function.

      I realize that the Preview Window of Premiere Elements 4 and 7 has taken on many of the functions of the Monitor "Clip" arrangement. But, I have tried Shift + S toggling with both the Premiere Elements 4 and 7 from the program's Monitor, Preview Window, Project View Media section without any of that working to bring just video or just audio to the Premiere Elements Timeline.

      Does that feature still work in versions of Premiere Elements beyond Premiere Elements 2?

      I would appreciate any comments on the matter.