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    Stacking Video & Audio Tracks

    stewart@itsIT.com.au Level 1
      In Premiere Elements 7 is it possible to stack all of the Video tracks together and all of the Audio track together. I know I can simply delete unused tracks however I would like to be able to stack the video and audio separately as you can with other edits applications.


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I do not believe that this is possible with the Workspace in PE. If there is, I have yet to find the method required.

          I, as you, prefer to have the Video Tracks together and the Audio Tracks together. That is the way that it works in PrPro and the way that I am used to doing it.

          I think that Adobe made some assumptions on how people are more likely to work in PE, and for the majority, it seems to be a good set. It's just not for everyone (you and me in that group). Now, I'd love to see a way to modify the workspace to suit my tastes, but then this is a rather simple sub-set of the features in PrPro. I cannot expect it to have all of the bells-n-whistles of its "big-brother." For that, I have several copies of "big-brother."

          Maybe Steve, or someone else can tell me that I am wrong, and have just missed a setting, a switch or a checkbox.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
            No, this is not possible, Stewie.

            However, if you right-click on the timeline, a context menu will pop up which will allow you to temporarily hide your audio tracks and/or your video tracks so that you can concentrate on one or the other.
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              stewart@itsIT.com.au Level 1
              Thanks Bill. I've also had a reply from Steve who agrees with you that it is not possible.

              I have tried everything but nothing seems to work.

              I really want to start getting used to Premiere Pro but eveytime I try and do a render the programme freezes? so I'm stuck with PE7 for now.
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                stewart@itsIT.com.au Level 1
                Thansk Steve,

                I've tried eveything but I cab't seem to fool the app.
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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Steve taught me something with his reply. I did not know you could do even that. I also did not ever use PE3, but from the descriptions I've read, and images I've seen, its Timeline layout was a bit more like PrP's - the way I'm used to working.

                  With Steve's suggestion, I could approximate the PrP "look" a bit, and as I usually edit all of my visuals first, and then do my Audio work later, it would go along way towards getting me what I am used to, just not at the same time on the same Timeline view.

                  I must say that most of the users of PE4, and later, really appreciate the newer look, as did most reviewers, when PE4 came out. Most hated the "antiquated" look of the previous versions and also the look of PrP. You and I are in the minority.

                  As for your crashes with PrP, have you posted to the PrP fora yet? If you do, please list your equipment, describe your Project, especially your Assets (really go into detail on the Assets - G-Spot is good for giving all necessary info), and any error messages, plus a complete description of the crashes, i.e. do they lock the program, cause it to shut down or bring the whole system to its knees? The people on that forum will greatly appreciate all of the info that you can give. The link is for general PrP, but there are version-specific sub-fora. Choose the appropriate one:

                  Good luck,

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                    stewart@itsIT.com.au Level 1
                    Thanks Bill,

                    I will continue to "mess around" with the GUI to see how close I can get it to the look I'm more familiar with.

                    With resepct to PPCS4 I'll check out the forum and post my issues on there with as much info as I can muster.

                    Thanks for the advice.

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                      Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                      You can stack 3 video tracks and 3 audio tracks, but you need to define a custom project preset with 3 video tracks and 1 audio track.

                      The video track 3 will be associated with the Soundtrack track (which you can rename), the video track 2 will be associated with the narration track (which you can rename), and the video track 1 will be associated with audio track 1.

                      There is a problem I observed. If you drag a video clip from the media bin to track 3, PE will move it to video track 2 with the audio going on the narration track. Afterward you can work around that by moving the clip from video track 2 to video track 3 with the audio going on the Soundtrack track.

                      That's all I know about that. You'll have to decide if it's worth the trouble. There may be pitfalls.