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    Proper workflow to transfer clips from Camcorder to Hard drive

    jorgeeli Level 1

      I'm new to Premier (but not to PSE) and would like your help in determining the proper workflow to capture all my clips from my DVI tapes (maybe 40 hours of video) and save them to the hard drive so they can be accessible in the organizer along with my photos. Right now I'm not interested in creating movies with titles and fancy transitions, maybe just basic editing to remove unwanted footage.

      1) What format (and what settings like frame rate, etc if any) should I use to save my clips on the hard drive that is actually lighter and more practical than the AVI file? these will be usually viewed on an 1080P 60" TV connected to my PC via HDMI.

      2) After saving the clips in this new format (which I believe you will reccommend using mpeg or something similar) will I be able to later edit the clip to maybe add transitions and further editing? or once you save the clip in this compressed formats editing is not reccommended.

      2) Will the Organizer "know" the date of the clip so that it can display the clip it in proper chronological order along with my photos? (do videos have some sort of EXIF info with "date taken" data?). Do I need to do something to the clip to have the date info? or this is automatic?

      3) Please advice on proper workflow to do this efficiently.

      Thanks for your help
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          If you plan to edit your video, you'll want them to be in DV-AVI format. Otherwise, because of the way most video editors (such as Premiere Elements) work, you'll likely be setting yourself up for problems later.

          If you're just saving files on your computer so that you can watch them on your TV -- that's a whole separate issue. But it sounds to me like you plan, at some point, to edit this video.

          If so, the best investment you can make is in a couple terrabytes of hard drive space.