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    Cannot change resolution on new preset

    smthng else
      I want to make a preset for Premier Elements 7 that has a resolution of 512 x 384 at 30 FPS. This is the default resolution for my camera and I don't want to interpolate it to a different resolution when I output it. The help files and online demos all say to make a new preset and set the fields the way you want them. I can't.

      I open PE7, select New Project, click "Change Settings", then "New Preset". On the "General" box, I can see the frame size (resolution) but I can't change it. The only thing I can change is the Display Format and the Safe Areas. How can I change the resolution?

      It seems to me that "New Preset" should really be called "Copy Preset". It only lets me copy an existing preset, not create a new one. None of the existing ones are the correct resolution for what I'm trying to do, but I can't change any of the resolutions.

      Can anyone explain where I'm going wrong here? I just want to create a preset with a 512 x 384 resolution.

      I've tried this in PE7 Trial and figured it was a trial limitation. So, I bought the full version. Same thing. I've tried on Vista, XP and Windows 7. I've installed the most current version of Quicktime. I'm running as the local administrator, I've even tried starting PE7 by right clicking on it and using "Run as administrator". They all act exactly the same.
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          Robert J. Johnston Level 3
          You can't create a preset with different resolutions in Premiere Elements. That's reserved for the Pro CS versions. Of course you can try hacking the preset.

          You can still use the standard DV 4:3 preset, since your 512 x 384 is 4:3. Make sure to keep "Scale to Frame Size" turned on. That way when you export your video, it will already fit.

          When you export, just specify 512 x 384 for the resolution in the export dialogs.