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    Every Other Frame is Blank &Green with MP4 Share

      When rendering an imported Motion JPEG OpenDML- AVI clip to MP4, every other frame comes out solid green when played with Quicktime Pro and iTunes, or an iPod. I have no issues with playing the source AVI clip in Quicktime. I have no issue with playing other mp4 clips (h264 compression) in Quicktime. It is only MP4 clips (h264 compression) that have been rendered by PE 7.0 that seem to have this flickering issue. The blank frames are not displayed if the clip is re-imported in to PE 7 or if viewed in SUPER transcoder. I have played with the compatibility setting on the Advanced Export Settings dialog box, but to no avail. Also, this issue does not occur when exporting the project to WMV, but I need MP4 for broad compatibility reasons.

      Other details: To be able to import the AVI (an MJpeg from a digital camera) I had to install an additional codec from Main Concept. This allowed the AVI clip to be viewable and playable in Premiere. I have tried to make this project as simple as possible: I trimmed the imported clip to 20 seconds and have no editing or effects, whatsoever. The clip plays fine inside Premiere. WHen I go to share it, I select iPod high quality preset and then render the file. It will not play properly in Quicktime Pro or iTunes. As mentioned, I can play it with SUPER transcoder, but that program is cumbersome and when transcoding the file, it ends up much larger than what Premiere exported.
      I run an HP elitebook 8530w with:
      Vista downgraded to XP
      QX9300 Quadcore @ 2.53 Ghz
      4G Ram
      Premiere Elements 7.0

      Operating System: Windows XP
      Browser: Mozilla
      Video capture card / driver: NVIDIA Quadro FX 770M (512MB)
      Source was captured from Digital Still Camera (Nikon)
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Premiere Elements does not perform well with MJPEG files, Torrey. If you'll convert those files to DV-AVIs before you bring them into Premiere Elements, your output should come out fine.
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            OK, I figured this out after 2 days:
            MP4 rendering in PE 7.0 will produce a file with every other screen blank and green when utilizing the iPod presets. Oddly, even though it does not display properly with Quicktime or iTunes (which uses Quicktime) it WILL work when loaded to the iPod. This is an Apple issue, not a PE issue. You CAN solve the incompatability (between iPod and Quicktime/iTunes) problem by rolling back Quicktime to 7.4.5. There is also a discussion of MP4 compatibility issues with AppleTV @ http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=5705015 These settings are the ones to use if you want an MP4 to play on your desktop. The upshot of that discussion for me was for desktop playback, you need to tinker with the "Advanced" Settings dialog box (accessed through the "Share" and then "Mobile Phones and Players" buttons.) You need the the Profile set to "Main" and the Compatibility set to "Standard." For iPod playback, you need the Profile set to "Baseline" and Compatibility set to "iPod." If you want to know why, go to Wikipedia.org and type in h.264.

            Steve is right- to play with Motion Jpeg, you have to install additional codecs. PE then works just fine. I got mine at http://www.free-codecs.com/Motion_JPEG_Codec_download.htm
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Great solution, Torrey. Thanks for reporting back!
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                I'm have a similar problem, using the default iPod profile I too got the blank & green screens both on my PC and when I transfered to an iPod. I tried changing the Profile settings as described and the resulting mp4 video file would play in iTunes and Quicktime on the PC, but it will not transfer (thru iTunes) to my iPod. I'm using Quicktime 7.6 (472) and Premiere Elements 7 (trial).  Any ideas?